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TRIO Student Support Services
Sattgast Hall 207

Phone: (218) 755-2614
Fax: (218) 755-4116

Mailing Address:
1500 Birchmont Dr. NE #22
Bemidji, MN 56601-2907

2013-2014 TRIO SSS Student Awards

On May 1st TRIO Student Support Services held a reception for all TRIO participants to celebrate their success at Bemidji State University. The SSS Student Achievement Celebration provided an opportunity for students to mingle with other SSS students and the SSS faculty and staff while honoring student achievements. The following students were recognized for their academic achievement, university involvement and dedication to the TRIO Student Support Services program and BSU.

Front: Crystal Cleven, Sarah Young, Steve Berard
Back: Kelli Steggall, Bobbi Jo Tiede, Chloe Streetper, Abigail Deitchler, Kaitlyn Schleske

Most Successful Freshman

for Academic Achievement and University Involvement

The Most Successful Freshman, Abigail Deitchler, took all three TRIO SSS courses while also taking challenging courses to enable her to apply for the Nursing program in the fall.  In addition to going to school Abby is a busy mom. She’s shown she can balance her time to be both a successful student and devoted mother.

Most Involved Participant

for Outstanding Participation in TRIO SSS

The Most Involved Participant, Chloe Streeper, was definitely able to experience College Life! She was academically successful, active at the Rec Center, participated in Student Achievement Day, tutored for TRIO SSS, and served on the Presidents Student Commission.

Program Ambassador

for Sharing the TRIO SSS Experience and Actively Promoting the Program

The Program Ambassador, Bobbie Jo Tiede, served as a teaching associate in multiple sections of College Orientation courses, and was extremely useful during Crystal Cleven’s first semester as a TRIO SSS Instructor. As a peer advisor for Career Services she gave presentations in all TRIO College Orientation courses discussing the importance of getting connected with Career Services and Strengths.

Student of the Year

for Exemplary SSS Participation, Academic Achievement, and University/Community Involvement

As recipient of the Student of the Year, Kaitlyn Schleske exemplified all the attributes of a successful TRIO student. She took TRIO classes and was academically successful graduating Cum Laude with a BS in Business Administration with a concentration in Finance and a minor in Mathematics. She was also involved in campus life living in dorms her entire time at BSU while being a member of the pep band and symphonic winds. She worked in the TRIO SSS office and tutored many TRIO SSS students. She enthusiastically and knowledgeably represented the TRIO SSS program at many events including TRIO day, Academic Advising and Registration sessions, and the AIRC day of welcome.

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