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Becoming a Writing Tutor

Interested in becoming a tutor at the WRC? Take a look at the following requirements and position details for more information.

All of our tutors take ENGL 3510 (or the equivalent graduate level course) their first semester at the WRC. This course is taught by Dr. Brian Donovan, director of the WRC, and covers theories and practices of writing and tutoring across the disciplines, preparing assistants to help students with a variety of writing situations and needs.

Requirements for prospective tutors:

  • have at least sophomore status with a 3.0 GPA
  • be familiar with the conventions of research and writing in your discipline
  • be familiar with the literature and concepts of your discipline
  • be willing to learn more about writing, in general and in specific disciplines

Responsibilities of writing tutors:

  • helping others plan, draft, revise, and edit academic and professional projects, reports, and papers
  • learning more about the conventions and practices of writing in different majors
  • improving your own understanding and practice of writing

What you can gain from a writing tutor position:

  • a paid position at the Writing Resource Center
  • experience with writing that will help you get internships and jobs in your area of study
  • a good source for letters of recommendation
  • elective credits for a Writing emphasis or degree