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Jan 27

First of the Year!

Published in 2015

As you all may know, the Do It In The Dark competition is about to start for this school year on February 1st! Just in case you’re not familiar with this, it’s a competition between residence halls on which one can lower it’s energy consumption the most. The hall that lowers their consumption the most will win a pizza party, along with other prizes! Be sure to swing by your hall lobby to sign up on Saturday, January 31st for the competition, so you’ll be eligible to win prizes.

Also, this Thursday (Jan. 29), the documentary “Earth Days” will be shown in Hagg Sauer 105 at 6pm.


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Nov 18

Hagg-Sauer Waste Audit Results

Published in 2014

The Sustainability Office dug through all the trash from Hagg-Sauer Hall the week of November 3rd (trust me…it’s fun!). Our primary focus is to assess how many recyclables are ending up in the garbage. Here are our results since 2011:

YEAR Total waste collected (lbs) % fiber that could have been recycled % containers that could have been recycled % non-recyclables (garbage)
2011 221.5 13.32% 8.13% 78.6%
2012 339.3 11.1% 6.5% 82.5%
2013 288.6 6.3% 5.8% 87.9%
2014 328.9 11.2% 9.0% 79.7%

We noticed that there were a lot more glass containers than usual this year which would add a significant amount of weight. We are thinking of separating the types of containers (aluminum, glass, plastic, etc.) in the future to better assess trends. There was also a lot of paper in the garbage that could have been recycled. The percentage of both fiber and containers was higher than we’d like to see. In the next few days, I’ll be sending out a reminder of what can be recycled to remind folks.

Thanks to Trevor Plendl, our office Zero Waste Coordinator, for managing this project!

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Shop local this holiday season!  Holiday Farmer's Market on Wednesday from 11 to 2pm in the lower Hobson Union Scandinavian and Viking rooms.

Paul Bunyan Transit

Paul Bunyan Transit -- the most reliable and economic way to get anywhere in town or in the county. They can be reached at 751-8765.  BSU has two bus stop shelters on campus: One in front of the A.C. Clark Library and the second is along 19th street in front of Walnut Hall. 

BSU Electricity Usage

kWh usage / month graph of the electricity usage Last 12 months (Jul 10 - Jun 11) compared to previous 12 months.
Jun '11 Jun '10 % chg
910129 827430 9 %

BSU Water Usage

gallons used / month graph of the electricity usage Last 12 months (Jul 10 - Jun 11) compared to previous 12 months.
Jun '11 Jun '10 % chg
1434730 1228000 16 %

BSU Waste Generated

waste in pounds / month graph of the electricity usage Last 12 months (Jul 11 - Jun 12) compared to previous 12 months.
Jun '12 Jun '11 % chg
24540 18840 30 %


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