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Dec 2

BSU's Laurel House

Published in 2010

BSU’s Laurel House was purchased by the BSU Foundation and was leased by BSU as a residence for Honors Program students. The house is in need of a complete renovation due to the numerous repairs that would be required for the house to be occupied again.  This project will be a show piece for the community, businesses, and schools highlighting affordable green practices that anyone could implement. The practices utilized will demonstrate how to reduce impact on the environment, reduce operating costs, and save money over the life of the home. A priority is making the house a leading example for others to follow in increasing resource efficiency and reducing negative impacts on neighbors and the future. Some features include:

  • Energy Efficient Windows (u-factor less than 0.24)
  • Durable Long Lasting Siding (steel siding with an energy star rated coating)
  • Energy Star Appliances (energy efficient refrigerator, stove, laundry equipment, and water heater)
  • Water Conserving Technologies (toilets, faucets,  shower heads that conserve water, and rain barrels that catch rainwater for irrigation)
  • Resource Efficient Landscaping (vegetation that requires little water or maintenance, water permeable hard surfaces, rain garden to reduce runoff)
  • Local Resources (use of materials that are local, to reduce transportation and help local economies)
  • Energy Efficient Lighting (compact fluorescent and LED lighting throughout)
  • Low or No VOCs (use of paint, flooring, and other finishes that emit no or minimal VOCs)

This project will be a gold level Minnesota GreenStar remodel project, which is their highest level. MN GreenStar is a Minnesota based green building organization that assists in creating a sustainable future in the construction industry. When the project is complete, the house will become the Honors Residence again and a live-in lab demonstrating reduced utility usage.

BSU is working with MJ Architecture, Zetah Construction, and Northwest Technical College on design plans and budget estimates.

Place contact the Sustainability Office either by phone (218-755-2560) or email ( if you would like to be involved with this exciting, innovative project!

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Nov 30

Sustainable Holidays!

Published in 2010

Hello! Boozhoo!

Hope everyone had a great fall semester. The Sustainability Office sure did!

Right now, we’re working on promoting a sustainable holiday. The holiday is such an important time of the year. It’s a time to make memories with your family and good friends, to celebrate either your religious ceremonies  or traditions. The Sustainability Office would love to have everyone make their holidays sustainable by making simple changes such as:

  • Swap items with friends for presents
  • When buying gifts, make sure the gifts have minimal packaging
  • When shopping, use reusable bags to avoid plastic
  • If buying something that requires batteries, make sure to use rechargeable batteries
  • Give gifts that are handmade and local
  • Wrap your gifts with used newspaper or magazines
  • Plan out your holiday meal and only buy what you need, so you can reduce your food waste
  • Consider gift certificates so people can choose what they want
  • Put your money to helping others with volunteering, instead of buying something

Hope everyone has a good holiday break! Live sustainably and take care of our Mother Earth.

Apr 29

Tips to Go Green! (and thank you)

Published in 2010

Thanks for all your help making this week’s Earth Week events a success! Thank you for setting up the furniture, helping with the technology, quickly copying the posters, reserving the rooms, giving away trees, sharing environmental resources, spreading the word, hanging up the posters, attending in person, verbalizing your support, washing the dishware, and cooking the wonderful, local food! What a great campus to be a part of! “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.” Aristotle

Tip shared from a colleague:
“The Beltrami Humane society takes shredded paper to use for the puppies they get in, and are always looking for more paper.”

Enjoy the weekend!

Apr 23

Hello world!

Published in 2010

Welcome to Blogs at Bemidji State University. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

Apr 23

A new Chapter in Sustainability

Published in 2010

Just trying this for the sake of putting something down that will hopefully register so that I will know whether or not this works on the Sustainability sight.  That was also a very long sentence.



"Will you teach your children what we have taught our children? That the Earth is our Mother? What befalls the Earth befalls all the sons of the Earth."
~ Chief Seattle in a letter to President Franklin Pierce, 1852