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Archive for February, 2011

Feb 28

The constant battle between EPA and "Big Coal"

Published in 2011

I just wanted to share this article that I found on about what is currently happening with coal.  Legislators Are Going to Unbelievable Lengths to Gouge Clean Water Laws and Cozy Up to Big Coal

Emily Johnson

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Feb 15

The Official Welcome of the Sustainability Website!

Published in 2011

Boozhoo and Welcome to the Sustainability Website!

Everyone here at the office hopes everybody is having a great semester and getting ready for the beautiful spring weather!

We just launched our website and want everybody to check it out!

We have a lot of great resources on here and many opportunities for students, faculty, and staff. The yellow box on the right of the front page shows our big events coming up, so pay attention to those. Under the yellow box, we have BSU’s electricity use, water usage and waste generation month by month. On the left of our front page, we have our facebook link and our youtube channel.

The various tabs on the left side of the page (ex: About, Get Involved, Photo Gallery, etc) can lead you to other areas of our office. We tell you everything that the campus and the community can offer in regards to sustainability.

So, there are the basics of our website. Please take the time to look around, and we’re always open for suggestions for improvement! Don’t be afraid to come into the office to ask questions or just to say Hi! We’re located in the Lower Student Union near the bookstore and the C3 store. If this helps, we’re in the same location as the old OPC office.

Miigwech and Hope to see you around!

Hannah Hutchins

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"The human race is challenged more than ever before to demonstrate our mastery, not over nature but of ourselves."
~ Rachel Carson