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Jan 23

NASA Finds 2011 Ninth-Warmest Year on Record

Published in 2012

Watch this 30 second video on global average temperature change over the past 120 years.

Pretty powerful….and quite rapid!  Let’s all do our part to reduce emissions.  Now.  No excuses.

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Jan 23

Creative Sustainability

Published in 2012

Found something very unique and very cool on Grist today.  Thought I would share it :-)


Hannah Hutchins

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Jan 3

Bemidji Launches "Sustainable Tuesdays!"

Published in 2012


Ganawendakamigaa endaso-niizho-giizhigak


You’re invited!

The new year is bringing an exciting, community-centered initiative to Bemidji and we need you!

Our Mission:

We will draw upon the strengths of the diversity in our region to create a sustainable Bemidji community

When: On Tuesday evenings, from 6 to 8 pm, “Sustainable Tuesdays” will feature a variety of discussions and local voices, diverse perspectives, documentaries, and hands-on learning opportunities that connect our beautiful, vibrant community.

Where: The Rail River Folk School, 303 Railroad St. SW Bemidji, MN, just across the downtown bridge and to the left.

The first month’s theme will focus on Waste, a topic that we all deal with on a daily basis.

What is it? Where does it go?  How can we reduce it?

Tea, coffee, and snacks provided!

Here’s our January line-up:

Tuesday, January 10th:  Opening Launch! The first evening will introduce the program, establish our goals, and feature a local panel of speakers that will discuss their diverse perspectives on sustainability and answer questions from the audience.

The panel will include:

Tom Goldtooth, Indigenous Environmental Network Executive Director

Mayana Rice, Joint Planning Board’s Administrative Planner

Laurie Desiderato, BSU Professor of Psychology

Michael Schumacher, local farmer

Brent Sicard, Lueken’s Store Director

Tuesday, January 17th: Movie Night!

Come for popcorn and watch,Garbage!,” a riveting documentary that examines our American waste-stream.  After the movie, we’ll talk trash and share ideas and tips to reduce one’s garbage footprint at home.

Tuesday, January 24th: Café Night!

Mix with local resources and sit down to discuss new ideas relating to different waste issues including:

Steve Strasser, Habitat Restore Manager: Building Supplies

Eric Pouilot, BSU Student: Compost/Organics

Brandy Toft, Leech Lake Air Quality: Compost/Burn Barrel

Josh Burnham, Vermiculture Entrepeneur: Worm Composting

Tues, Jan. 31st: Waste Expert Panel! Come find out the dirt from local authorities and ask questions about what happens to our waste after we’re through with it in Bemidji and Beltrami County:

Mike Albrecht, Waste Management Office Manager

Todd Anderson, City of Bemidji Water & Sewer Superintendent

Bill Patnaude, Beltrami County Environmental Services Director

This program is in partnership with the MN GreenCorps, the Indigenous Environmental Network, Rail River Folk School and BSU’s Sustainability Office

For more information contact:

Brett Cease, 755-3765,

Simone Senogles, 751-4967,


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"The human race is challenged more than ever before to demonstrate our mastery, not over nature but of ourselves."
~ Rachel Carson