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Aug 8

American-Made Initiative

Published in 2013

We are very excited to finally get one of our projects rolling! John, one of the student workers in the Sustainability Office, has been contacting schools and businesses to get on board with the idea of buying and manufacturing a stainless steel water bottle in the U.S.A.! Lots of research later, John presented the idea to other schools, hoping for bids of support with our MNSCU sister schools. He also wrote letters to businesses for their support. After discovering that there is a need for this product, John contacted companies that produced other stainless steel products. This morning John came to work with a very energetic email in his inbox from a company looking to have a conversation on how we can develope this project into what our office has invisioned. If you are interested in becomeing a part of this American-Made Initiative, feel free to contact John at or Erika, our Sustainability Coordinator, at


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