Our Town

Paul and Babe watch over us all year long.
Paul and Babe watch over us all year long.

Bemidji is the first city on the Mississippi River, and it’s been called one of the best small towns in America.

Possessing all the charm and character of a college town, Bemidji remains a tight-knit community of good neighbors and engaged citizens who always come out to cheer on our Beavers.

Small Town Soul, Modern Spirit

Though quaint and historic, the city offers the kinds of urban conveniences students rely on. Small shops and art sculptures line downtown streets, national chains can be found in the Paul Bunyan Mall and elsewhere, and nearby restaurants and cozy coffee shops court students and townies alike. You can take in a classic show at the community theatre or visit the science center to gaze at the stars and learn how to forage for local vegetables.

Bemidji also sits at the center of the legends of Paul Bunyan and Babe the Blue Ox. The famous statues of Paul and Babe greet students as they drive in from the south along Lake Bemidji.

Visit the city’s official website to learn more about Bemidji.