Deans Council Notes October 7, 2014

In case you forget, these are all posted on the AA website in a folder.

Deans’ Meeting Agenda
October 7, 2014
1:00 – 3:00 p.m.


1. Institutional Research Doug Olney

Doug shared updated cost recovery information. Reviewed two options for overhead costs – as addition to cost or subtraction from revenue. Suggested a more detailed discussion with Bill to determine how to be more accurate and straight forward. Conversation would need to be continued in terms of what to do with this information and how to define acceptable ranges and outliers.

2. Quality Initiative Proposal CARRY OVER Patrick

Reviewed list that Patrick presented last week. Colleen confirmed we should pick something we can continue to work on, and achievable. Narrowed down to SEMP, assessment, facilities/Hagg-Sauer and liberal education. Need to make decision at next meeting.

3. Position line exchange between CAS & HSHE Colleen / Jim

This has been OK’ed through Bill and search will be moving forward.

4. Spring 2015 People in the Environment course section Martin

Recent attempted changes to increase offerings in Goal area 10 have not fully solved the problem. Director of Lib Ed is working with faculty in BIOL, CHEM for additional sections. No online options offered at this point. May be able to provide experimental courses to fill this need in spring. Will have a plan c by fall.

5. Faculty positions Patrick

Refilling failed searches from last year and replacing vacancies this year: Interviewing Microbiology position, Physiology and CRJS started. Nursing – 2 positions to fill. BUAD position still open from last year. New BUAD position will open. Computer Science has vacancy. English will be forwarding a vacancy. Env Studies will be moving forward with a fixed term search. BIOL may move forward with a fixed term for NHCC 80/20.

PO’s will soon be in place for area hotels to cover costs for candidates. Patrick will be meeting with dean’s assistants on details shortly.

6. Grievance update Martin

Four outstanding grievances on campus.

7. Hagg-Sauer update Patrick

Patrick will be sending out an overall summary soon. Still have a couple of departments that need to find a new location. Planning on open forum and stakeholder meetings next week.

8. P&E Sustainability Colleen

See #4.

9. Degree completion programs at BSU delivered by other Martin

Martin needs to know of programs that can be delivered by other universities at BSU collaboratively.

10. Other

Martin is going to hold on the 5 credit overload contractual limit, unless there is a university-wide reason to make an exception. Martin is on the MnSCU committee for Grad Education; interest in exploring collaborative grad programs with other universities.

Discussion of where coaches fit into the college of HSHE with dept faculty, and ultimately, academic affairs. History of separation between academics and athletics. Coaches no longer teaching in PE dept.



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