Deans Council Notes October 21, 2014

Deans’ Meeting Agenda
October 21, 2014
1:00 – 3:00 p.m.

1. SEMP draft and proposed timeline discussion James Parker

James shared the SEMP draft for feedback. Discussions involved transfer scholarships – need to increase. How this plan will be operationalized, in terms of responsibility and time frame for completion of goals and initiatives. Budget?

2. Continued Enrollment – Strategies for tracking those who discontinue Jim

Graduate students who leave a program and then would like to come back – may be an issue with programs when standards change, etc. Broader issue for all students who drop out and are not tracked. There is a group looking at creating an exit process for students. Also an issue for students who take “temporary” leaves. Continuous enrollment requirement? Staff designated to follow up with students who have left prior to completing a degree?

3. Quality Initiative Proposal CARRY OVER Patrick

Reviewed 4 options – SEMP, facilities/Hagg-Sauer, assessment, and lib ed redesign. Intention is to provide the opportunity to work more on one of these areas to make progress, as part of the open pathways HLC reaccreditation. Added persistence and completion. Removed SEMP from consideration as too large. Will forward prioritized list to cabinet, bargaining units and ELT for decision. 1 – Persistence and completion, 2 – assessment, 3 – lib ed redesign, 4 – facilities.

4. Load Reports Patrick

Let Patrick know if there are any questions or issues with what has been sent out. Request to see revised load reports? Share electronically if possible.

5. NTC Bob

Draft of recommendations to address projected budget deficit.

6. Requests for Increased Faculty Involvement in Events Jim

Discussion about how to coordinate efforts so faculty can share the responsibility of rotating attendance and recruitment and retention events. Jim will request, from James, a list of events that require faculty attendance for each semester.

7. Student Scholarship & Creative Achievement Support (SSCA) Colleen

Concern about work load for dean’s support staff for this event. Plan to move forward with sharing responsibilities among multiple staff people for this year. Need to plan for a more permanent solution for future – including feedback from those involved in the work this year.

8. Carry Forward 210207 Colleen

9. Duty Day Requests Colleen

Request for faculty travel to conferences, fieldtrips; not normally approved unless they were required to attend outside of contracted days.

10. Other



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