MAP update DRAFT April 2015

MAP Becoming financially sustainable (Word Doc)

Master Academic Plan goal area outcomes
Summary report – highlights
Fall 2013 – April 2015

Becoming financially sustainable

1. All liberal education requirements are available online for distance students, although we could use additional sections

2. Off campus blended/hybrid cohort enrollments at distant sites (headcount/credits)
a. 2012-13: 151 and 1338 credits
b. 2013-14: 227 and 2227 credits
c. 2014-15: 261 and 2552 credits
d. New off campus cohorts

i. Nursing (3)
ii. Biology
iii. Business
iv. SOWK SWIM and LADC certificate
v. Mass Comm, Psychology, and Mathematics in planning
vi. Creation of BSU center Twin Cities in progress

3. Overall enrollment headcount:
a. 2012-2013: +1%
b. 2013-14: +2.5% (highest in history)
c. 2014-15: -.8% (third highest in history and down less than any other MnSCU university)
d. Fall 2015: projected +2%. (only university in MnSCU with increasing enrollment)

4. New programs
a. Leadership Development minor
b. Project Management major
c. Wildlife Management major
d. Engineering Technology (name change/program revamp)
e. Jazz Emphasis
f. International Studies minor
g. MBA online
h. Accounting online
i. Social Work Integrated blended degree program
j. Chemical Dependency minor
k. SOWK LADC certificate blended delivery
l. Post-Bac FasTrac teacher licensure online/blended

5. Percentage of university funds allocated to Academic Affairs increased by 3%; reduced student FTE/faculty FTE ratio from 25:1 to 23:1
Becoming distinctively BSU:

1. Intern Bemidji program renewed with over 75 positions available each year
2. 12 international internships available to BSU students annually
3. 12 teaching slots available for new BSU graduates at Ameri-Can International Academy; expanding annually
4. 50 affordable (less than $1K above cost of staying at BSU) semester abroad slots available each semester
5. Growth in summer credit and non-credit offerings each of the last two years to move BSU to a ‘summer destination’

Becoming internationally competitive: 12 new international partnerships

1. Visiting professor program
a. 2012-13: International visiting professors at BSU: 1 ($32K cost to BSU)
b. 2013-14: 2 ($55K cost to BSU) Program revamped
c. 2014-15: 6 ($52K gross revenue to BSU)
d. 2015:16: 10 expected ($90K gross revenue to BSU)

2. BSU students working abroad
a. 2012-13: 0 BSU students working abroad
b. 2013-14: 6
c. 2014-15: 15 with 2 more going in summer 2015
d. 2015-16: >25 expected to work abroad

3. BSU students education abroad (credit based; not including work abroad)
a. 2011-12: 43
b. 2012-13: 55
c. 2013-14: 90
d. 2014-15: >100 estimated by end of summer 15

4. International student applications for admission
a. 2012-13: 65 international applicants from 16 countries
b. 2013-14: 70 international applicants from 18 countries
c. 2014-15: 176 international applicants from 48 countries; headed to 200+ (highest all time was 2005-06: 175)

5. New partnership with Ameri-Can International Academy in Weifang provides 12 teaching slots for new BSU graduates and is expanding annually

6. BSU faculty abroad
a. 2012-13: 3
b. 2013-14: 5
c. 2014-15: 8

Designing organizational support for MAP goal areas

1. New regional partnerships
a. Watermark Regional Art Center
b. Bemidji Community Theater on BSU campus
c. Bemidji Regional Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center
d. Bemidji High School Academy partnership with NTC
e. Mechatronics programming with NTC

2. NTC organizational changes and accreditation process underway

3. Tribal Colleges/BSU Consortium with high definition audio/video connected classrooms in place and program planning in progress

4. Global Learning Center classroom and English Language Center partnership with Winona State in place

5. Expanded cabinet and academic affairs council membership; posting of meeting notes; blog and email updates; open forums; reorganization of administrative structure planning

BSU 2020

1. Free first year tuition/engagement program
2. Flattening and distributing administrative leadership
3. Affordable semester away or work abroad for all students
4. Passport program/global certificate for all students
5. Expansion of BSU Twin Cities and distance education for adults