Reorganization of Academic Affairs and Student Development and Enrollment


Attached is an organizational chart showing changes made in the divisions of academic affairs and student development and enrollment.

Org Charts — VP Academic Affairs 071415 (Word Doc)

We plan to talk a bit more with everyone about the purposes of the reorganization at fall start-up, but I wanted to give you a brief follow-up to the open forum last week.

In short, we are adjusting the organizational structure to place student success squarely in the middle of everything we do at BSU and NTC and make it our priority. As you can read below, the two-year old Master Academic Plan and our new Institutional Strategic Plan stated that was our priority, yet our organizational structure, many of our current practices, and possibly even our institutional culture didn’t seem to align well with those beliefs.

With this change in organizational structure, we are attempting to walk our talk: students come first; supporting faculty and staff so that they can excel at what they do comes second; and administration’s job is to provide that support and engage everyone in sustaining, invigorating, and advancing the institution. We hope you see the possibilities as we try to be a flatter organization and remove the institutional ‘towers’ and divisional lines that typically create, rather than remove, obstacles to success.

As always, we appreciate the outstanding people who work here to engage students in learning; we invite everyone to actively participate in planning and decision making; and we ask that you join us in making this an exceptional place to work. We welcome and value your thoughts and ideas on how we may continue to improve the learning/living community that is Bemidji State University.

Enjoy your day and the wonderful summer in Bemidji!

Master Academic Plan FY 2013-2016

We believe that Bemidji State University is:

Academic Beliefs

1. A living/learning environment where teaching and student learning is at the heart of everything we say and everything we do.
2. An institution where learning best occurs when students engage their ‘mind, heart and hands’ in addressing personal and social concerns relevant to them and to their world.
3. A university where students, staff, faculty and administrators are teachers and everyone is a learner.
4. An environment where creative and critical thinkers engage in service as part of our obligation as a regional steward of place where we advance the ‘common good’ (see definitions page).

Therefore, we believe that teaching, learning and the needs of students are considered first in all university planning, in all assessment and evaluation activities (including the evaluation of students, faculty, staff, and administration), and in all decisions regarding resource allocation.

The Core Elements of the Strategic Plan

Mission Statement

We create an innovative, interdisciplinary and highly accessible learning environment committed to student success and the betterment of our communities, state and planet. Through the transformative power of the liberal arts, education in the professions, and robust engagement of our students, we instill and promote service to others, preservation of the earth, and respect and appreciation for the diverse peoples of our region and world.