Reorganization recommendations process for fall 2015

Bemidji State University Reorganization of Academic Affairs

In considering the Master Academic Plan, the University Strategic Plan, recent changes in configuration of the BSU/NTC alignment/NTC reinvention, and the Haag-Sauer removal, it is time to examine the organizational structure of academic affairs at Bemidji State University. The Bemidji State University Master Academic Plan exists as our guiding document and identifies four goal areas for our consideration:

• Becoming financially sustainable
• Becoming distinctively BSU
• Becoming internationally competitive
• Designing organizational support for 1-3

We need an organizational structure that provides new opportunities for faculty to participate in leadership roles, promotes collegiality within and across disciplines, reduces administrative costs in order to preserve faculty lines, and keeps student success and learning at the core of our value system.

Therefore, I am asking that an academic affairs reorganization task force be created by September 1, 2015. The task force should include representatives from all bargaining units within academic affairs and co-chaired by a senior faculty member and the interim assistant vice president for academic affairs. Some considerations for the task force are:

1. Creatively consider all possibilities that would serve to

a. Enhance shared decision making across academic affairs’ areas: colleges, schools, departments, programs
b. Reduce faculty release time by 6-8 FTE equivalent (we have 18 FTE equivalent release time currently)
c. Consider consolidation of departments to reduce administrative costs
d. Consider alignment of departments across existing colleges/schools
e. Provide a rotation of leadership opportunities for faculty
f. Take into consideration the physical plant changes underway at BSU, but do not let those changes drive the recommended organizational structure

2. Recommend to the provost/vpaa by December 1, 2015 an organizational structure or set of structures for academic affairs that can be brought forward to the campus community for consideration

3. Constantly communicate and engage as many faculty and staff and students as possible throughout the process

The proposed task force membership would be:

1. 5 IFO

2. 2 ASF


4. 2 BSUSA

5. 1 Admin/excluded

Graduate Education at BSU Reorganizational Considerations

Joan Miller retires in January of 2016. Based upon graduate enrollments over the past few years and the reduction in GA’ships during recalibration, we are proposing the following, which will need to go to the graduate council in the fall for consideration/recommendation:

1. Suspend the following graduate programs

a. Elementary and Middle School Mathematics
b. Science Education
c. MS Education

2. Keep the following graduate programs
a. MBA online
b. MSpEd. online
c. MA Teaching online
d. English
e. Biology
f. Environmental Studies

3. Continue to have deans provide academic oversight to graduate programs in their college

4. Reorganize School of Graduate Studies

a. Change Director position from Director, School of Graduate Studies to Coordinator of Graduate Studies
b. Move Coordinator position to CEL, with joint reporting to CEL Director and Provost, with responsibility for
i. Recruitment and enrollment of graduate students
ii. Student service oversight and support for graduate students
iii. Working with Deans and Graduate Council regarding all aspects of graduate education at BSU
iv. Support for CEL as assigned
c. Move current OAS from .75 to 1.0 FTE Intermediate OAS with responsibility for
i. Clerical oversight of graduate programming
ii. Support for individual graduate students as needed
iii. Support for CEL as assigned
Proposed Center for Community Partnerships

To create a collaborative and unified approach to BSU outreach in the region and state, we may wish to consider the following organizational structure.

1. Create a Center for Community Partnerships that is the umbrella organization for the following
a. 360 Center of Excellence
b. Optivation
c. Marketing and Research Solutions
d. Small Business Development Center (in the future if financially feasible)
e. Office of Adult Education (in the future if financially feasible)
f. CEL as ad hoc member
g. Intern Bemidji as ad hoc member

2. Modify Karen White’s position to include Executive Directorship of the CCP
a. 1 a-e report to Karen White
b. Karen reports to Dean, CBTC

3. Form a CCP council
a. Include Intern Bemidji as ad hoc council member
b. Include CEL Director as ad hoc council member