Putting students at the center

I don’t believe that its an accident that the BSU master academic plan lists student success as our primary focus. A culture of learning and discovery always places learning first. To me, it is clearly evident that the value placed on learning and high quality teaching must be our dominant concern at BSU and should guide every decision we make as a campus.

If so:

1. Shouldn’t we always ask, “How does this contribute to student learning?” before any decision is made?

2. Shouldn’t our classes be scheduled around students rather than faculty?

3. Shouldn’t every expenditure be carefully considered in terms of how what is being expended contributes to student learning?

4. Shouldn’t we invest heavily in faculty and staff professional development in ways that help all of us become better at teaching? Yes, faculty AND staff…doesn’t every interaction with a student teach something….its not just about what happens in the classroom.

5. Shouldn’t we all invest in approaches to teaching that align with and compliment the way today’s students access and apply information?

Give those questions some think time and consider the implications for us as a campus if we took student success seriously and placed student learning and teaching at the center of what we are all about.