Richard Florida book: Who’s Your City

Richard Florida’s book Who’s Your City…this is the Richard Florida who has done extensive data gathering concerning regional clusters and regional development…wrote this book a couple of years ago. This is someone who also wrote a great article about the world NOT being flat at all, but spiky…with spikes of wealth and poverty that is global and increasing annually with greater and greater divides between the have and have nots.

I re-read Who’s Your City and want to pass along a couple of interesting comments he makes:

1. Cities with high concentrations of jobs in education and health care do not fare well economically. Education and health care add little to regional income;

2. Innovative and creative companies, or clusters of companies, that bring in clients worldwide grows the economic wealth of a region;

3. Two factors shape housing values: wealth among residents (not salaries, but wealth); the concentration of bohemians and gays (the higher the concentration, the higher the housing values and the higher the incomes);

Another interesting set of concepts/thoughts to consider, based upon data he has collected over the years.

I know, sometimes the brutal facts aren’t necessarily what you may want to hear and for sure may not be what you ever thought was real.

But, would you like to borrow the book?