The Question Behind the Question

When people ask questions like, “Why do we have to go through all this change?” and “Why can’t we find good people?” it’s nothing more than victim-thinking.

“When will we get better systems?” and “When will someone solve the problem?” lead to procrastination.

“Who dropped the ball?” and “Whose idea was this anyway?” are all about blame and finger-pointing.

The book Question Behind the Question is worth a read.

I’m not selling the book; but I am saying that it is a great read, concise, practical, and one of the best I have read on how each of us is personally responsible for continually improving our work place, our community, and our relationships.

Try it….and if you want your own copy, you can google the title and find them for under $5.

And here is more from the book:

Personal Accountability Defined:

Personal accountability is about each of us holding ourselves accountable for our own thinking and behaviors and the results they produce.

We can’t change people.

We can coach, counsel, teach, and guide, but no one changes another person.

Change only comes from the inside as a result of decisions made by the individual.

I can only change me.

When you hear an unaccountable question:
When is she going to do her job?

Change the question to a personally accountable one:
What can I do to help her improve?

Unaccountable question:
Why don’t they tell us these things?

Accountable question:

What can I do to make sure I know what is going on?

Unaccountable question:
Why doesn’t he get me the help I need?

Accountable question:
What solutions can I provide to make things better?

Unaccountable question:
When is someone going to get this done?

Accountable question:
What can I do in my job to help get it done?

More Examples of Accountable Questions:

What can I do right now to make the meeting go better?

How can I support him in his work?

What can I do to get myself better prepared for the future?

What can I do to be a better listener?

How can I change so that I am more understanding of others?

How can I help her know that she is valued and appreciated?

What can I do to improve my interpersonal skills?

What can I do to improve myself?


Translating knowing what to do into doing what we know.

We CAN change ourselves and become more personally accountable.

No more blaming.
No more procrastinating.

I can only change me.