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Five-Year Goal And Strategic Directions Statement

In its continuing effort to integrate into its planning processes the vision and mission of the University, BSU has developed a Five-Year Goal and Strategic Directions. The goal is to be recognized as the leader among Minnesota State Universities in teaching and learning initiatives, applied research and technological applications, and formation of collaborative alliances and partnerships. The University believes this goal can be achieved by pursuing five strategic directions:

Direction 1: Learner Achievement-Learners will be prepared to be flexible, adaptable and knowledgeable in making informed judgements to successfully participate in the wide range of opportunities offered in a changing global society.

Direction 2: Flexibility in Accessing Learning-Qualified and diverse students will have access to University courses and experiences through opportunities that promote student involvement and responsibility in learning, and the timely completion of educational goals.

Direction 3: Academic Excellence-Each academic program will strive to meet or exceed national and/or professional (accreditation) standards within its discipline/area.

Direction 4: Human Potential-The University will seek and retain highly qualified and diverse professionals who are committed to meeting the educational needs of an increasingly diverse and changing society in a university environment that recognizes excellence.

Direction 5: Partnerships-The University will provide the energy and leadership within the community, region and state based on shared expectations to create alliances and partnerships that will shape our future.

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