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Library, A.C. Clark

Reference: 218-755-3342
For Hours: 3345

The newly renovated A.C. Clark Library provides access to nearly a quarter of a million books, 925 periodical subscriptions, a large collection of government publications, audio visual materials and maps, and 811,000 microforms. The PALS on-line catalog provides comprehensive bibliographic access to institutional library holdings throughout a three-state region and has been supplemented by a variety of electronic indexes, databases, and links to other library catalogs all over the world. The A.C. Clark Library Web page features some of the most sophisticated information databases currently available, providing a level of bibliographic access commensurate with graduate-and professional-level research.

Additional library resources throughout the state are available at no cost through the Minnesota Interlibrary Telecommunications Exchange (MINITEX) system.

English as a Second Language (ESL)

Bemidji State University offers a multi-level individualized program for the non-native English speaking student. The minimum TOEFL requirement for graduate students is 550. The ESL program is designed to encourage the learning of the structure and usage of the English language and to perfect the student's overall comprehension and communication skills in all language areas. The program assists students who have a limited background in English by providing the following: a flexible curriculum with specialized courses that focus on the particular needs (speaking, writing, listening, reading, and comprehension) of the international student; individualized learning strategies; activities for practicing English in everyday situations and academic settings; and an ongoing support system while students are making the cultural adjustment.

All international students whose first language is other than English are required to participate in the English assessment and placement program at orientation. Students who are required to participate in ESL must satisfy all language deficiencies within two consecutive semesters.

International Program Center

103 Deputy Hall

The International Program Center is responsible for international student admission. It provides orientation for international students; processes INS documents related to student visas, employment, extension of stays, etc.; and coordinates the partial waiver program. The Center also offers administrative support for international studies activities, including study abroad and exchange programs.

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