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Industrial Technology

Department of Industrial Technology
College of Professional Studies
Bridgeman Hall 218-755-2950
Fax: 218-755-4011

Graduate Faculty

Dr. William Brauer (Chair), Dr. Mitch Henke, Dr. David Kingsbury, Dr. James McCracken, Dr. Leon Nelson, Dr. Wally Peck, Dr. Mark Schmit

Degree Offered

Master Of Science - Industrial Technology

This program focuses on the application of the specific study and use of technology which has been developed for industrial/career and technical education, and technology education. The program options encompass the advanced study of educational methods, technical processes, problem solving, and the application of leadership skills in the educational environment.

Note: For Career and Technical Education Licensure, see "Professional Education: Licensures."

Preparation Requirements

Undergraduate major or minor in industrial technology, technology education, and/or career and technical education.

University Requirements

See Section II, Graduate Study for degree requirements.

Course Work Requirements

I. Required Professional Education Core

ED 6100 Educational Research (2 credits)
ED 6107 Advanced Educational Psychology (3 credits)
or ED 6108 The Learning Community (3 credits)

Subtotal 5 Credits

II. Required Industrial Technology Core

Select 6 credits from the following courses:

IT 6200 Applications of Emerging Technologies (2 credits)
IT 6280 Instructional Technologies in Industrial/Vocational Education (2 credits)
IT 6340 Leadership and Supervision in Industrial/Vocational Education (2 credits)
IT 6380 Grant and Contract Writing (2 credits)

Subtotal 6 Credits

III. Required Option

Select one:
  1. Guided Electives--A minimum of 17 credits selected with the consent of the advisor.
  2. Teacher Licensure--For students pursuing industrial technology licensure. Students must work closely with an industrial technology advisor to determine the remainder of the licensure requirements.
    IT 5850 Philosophy of Vocational Education (2 credits)
    IT 5857 Methods of Teaching Industrial Technology/Vocational Education (4 credits)
    IT 5858 Curriculum Development in Technology/Technical Education (2 credits)
    IT 6170 Contemporary Approaches to Technology Education (2 credits)

    A minimum of 7 guided elective credits selected with the consent of the advisor.

Subtotal 17 Credits

IV. Required Research

IT 6980 Graduate Research Paper (2 credits)

Subtotal 2 Credits

Total Semester Credits Required for Degree 30 Credits

Competency Requirement

Students are expected to demonstrate proficiency in the application of Instructional Technologies.

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