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Sociology (SOC)

College-Program Codes: 7-18

5001 SOCIAL STATISTICS (3 credits) Introduces students to descriptive and inferential statistics. Covers proportions, percentages, rates, ratios, measures of central tendency, measures of variability, t-tests, analysis of variance, correlation, regression, and selected nonparametric statistics. Students learn to choose, calculate, and interpret statistics, and learn to use SPSS to help them analyze and interpret data.

5002 METHODS OF SOCIAL RESEARCH (3 credits) Examines the basic methods sociologists and other social scientists use to conduct research. Topics include the scientific method, causation, measurement, sampling, ethics, and modes of observation (emphasis on surveys, experiments, and evaluation research). Students gain research experience through developing and testing a hypothesis and writing results in a research report format. Prerequisite: SOC 5001 or consent of instructor.

5030 SOCIAL RESEARCH PRACTICUM (3 credits) Designed to help students integrate and apply their knowledge of research methodology and statistical analysis. Covers several more advanced topics in survey research techniques and statistical techniques not included in SOC 5001 and SOC 5002. Students conduct a survey research project and learn how to use the computer in analyzing the data from the study. Prerequisites: SOC 5001 and SOC 5002.

5050 ENVIRONMENTAL SOCIOLOGY (3 credits) Examines the relationship between society and the environment. Emphasis on political and economic institutions and the consumer lifestyle and values. Considers how the treadmill of production affects ecosystems and discusses possible solutions to environmental problems.

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