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Women's Studies (WMST)

College-Program Codes: 9-62

5100 TOPICS IN WOMEN'S STUDIES: (SUBTITLED) (2-3 credits) Diverse topics encompass an international range of women's experiences and women's lives and may include sources from literature, law, history, myth-religion, psychology, sociology, philosophy and theology, and the visual arts. Past topics include: Myths and Spirituality; Mother, Daughter, Self; Writing Women's Lives; Art, Erotica, and Pornography in American Culture; Reproductive Freedom; Indigenous Women's Issues. May be retaken for credit under different subtitles.

5190 FEMINIST THEORIES AND PRACTICE (3 credits) A critical examination of the main currents in contemporary feminist thought. Designed to explore systems of ideas which explain the nature and causes of women's condition in society. As a capstone activity, each student will produce an original piece of work, in the student's own discipline, which will focus on a women's issue and will utilize a feminist perspective and feminist theory as the conceptual framework for research and analysis.

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