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Areas of Study

Anthropology is the study of humans within their cultural and environmental setting. Social and cultural anthropologists study the full range of human cultures, from small hunter-gatherer societies to complex urban civilizations. Physical anthropologists study the origins of humans, non-human primate behavior, and physical variations among living peoples. Archaeologists investigate the behavior of past human cultures.

The Anthropology program emphasizes archaeology, including methods of site location, excavation and interpretation, and the study of prehistory, including the prehistory of Minnesota and the culture of Minnesota's Native American peoples.

A minor in Anthropology may be especially useful to students majoring in Social Studies, Sociology, or other social science fields that lead to entry-level positions. Graduate training is usually required for significant career advancement in anthropological fields.


See Section II, Enrollment for required high school preparation.

Recommended High School Courses
Social Studies

Second Majors and Minors

Students are encouraged to discuss with their advisor the option of a second major or minor that might strengthen or complement their major.

Career Directions

Applied Anthropologist
Cultural Resource Manager
Economic Developer
Museum Specialist
Park Archaeologist
Staff Archaeologist
Also: Graduate Study

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