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Computer Science

Department of Mathematics and Computer Science
College of Social and Natural Sciences
Hagg-Sauer Hall 218-755-2880


Dr. James Richards (Chair;, Dr. Eric Lund (Mathematics Coordinator;, Mr. Mohammed Anwar, Mr. Christopher Brown, Dr. Todd Frauenholtz, Dr. Clayton Knoshaug, Ms. Ivy Knoshaug, Dr. Colleen Livingston, Dr. Tom Richard, Dr. Glen Richgels, Dr. Susan Rosselet, Dr. Randy Westhoff, Dr. Marty Wolf

Areas of Study

Using the language of mathematics, computers have changed our ability to create. They lift design off the flat surface of the page and give it three dimensional qualities formerly available only through model building. They allow us to throw away our erasers and concentrate on words and images. They permit us to communicate with each other with the speed and ease offered by electric circuitry.

Because of their flexibility, computers are integral to most research and are indispensable in most professional careers. In education they are used for instruction, for learning, and for efficiency. In industry they are revolutionizing businesses, and in science they allow us to simulate a Jupiter fly-by, to design the next generation air-bus, and to investigate the effects of pollutants on the environment.

Computer Science majors learn to develop algorithms and implement programs for a broad range of software systems. Majors in Computer Information Systems, a program offered jointly with Business Administration, study software development for applications in data processing.


See Section II, Enrollment for required high school preparation.

Recommended High School Courses
Computer Science
Physical Sciences

Second Majors and Minors

Students are encouraged to discuss with their advisor the option of a second major or minor that might strengthen or complement their major.

Career Directions

Computer Science
Computer Programming
Consulting Firms
Research Analysis
Systems Analysis
Also: Graduate Study
Computer Information Systems
Application Programmer
Computer Operations Manager
Database Administrator
Information Center Specialist
Software Engineer
Systems Analyst
Also: Graduate Study

Credit Requirement

Transfer Students: At least one-third of the credits to be included in the major must be successfully completed at Bemidji State University.

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