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Humanities (HUM)

College-Program Codes: 2-28. Check with coordinator for semester when these courses are offered. Read each course description for prerequisites.

1100 HUMAN CULTURE AND IDEAS (3 credits) An examination of the basic ideas which have shaped humanity's conception of itself and society as seen in classical and popular literature and the arts. Liberal Education Categories 6 & 8

2100 EUROPEAN CULTURE AND CIVILIZATION (3 credits) An analysis of the European perception of nature and humanity's relationship to it with the focus on a particular period. Liberal Education Categories 6 & 8

2120 AMERICAN CULTURE AND CIVILIZATION (3 credits) A study of the American view of individualism and its impact on American culture, especially as it was influenced by the pastoral movement, the frontier, industrialization and the rise of cities. Liberal Education Categories 6 & 7

2130 NON-WESTERN CULTURES AND CIVILIZATION (3 credits) A survey of Asian and African cultures to see the relationship of the individual to the community in such traditional societies. Also covers other aspects of these cultures, such as the Asian perception of religion. Liberal Education Categories 6 & 8

2140 THE AFRICAN-AMERICAN EXPERIENCE: 1492 TO THE PRESENT (3 credits) Provides students with an opportunity to analyze the concerns, interests, and problems that have confronted African-Americans from their involuntary uprooting in Africa to their legalized freedom after slavery. This course will also analyze how the presence of African-Americans has profoundly affected the nature and direction of American life and culture. Note: This course is not a requirement or an elective in the Humanities major. Liberal Education Categories 7 & 9

2200 COMMUNICATION ACROSS THE DISCIPLINES (3 credits) An introduction to Communication from a multi-disciplinary perspective. This course explores verbal and nonverbal communication through art, music, literature, drama, language, philosophy and the mass media. Examines how differing mediums of expression affect the content and meanings of messages.

4920 DIRECTED GROUP STUDY (3 credits) When taken as Senior Seminar the following description may apply: An integrative seminar involving readings, discussions, and student presentations centering on the study and articulation of relationships between disciplines. A problem, event, movement or concept will be used as the focus of the course. Designed for senior year.

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