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Indian Studies (INST)

College-Program Codes: 9-63. Check with department for semester when these courses are offered. Read each course description for prerequisites.

1107 INTRODUCTION TO INDIAN STUDIES (3 credits) Provides an introduction to the study of the American Indian from a cultural and academic perspective. The academic overview will include considerations of scope, method, terminology, and principles of the various disciplines which include the American Indian in their fields of study. Liberal Education Categories 5 & 7

2201 AMERICAN INDIANS: PRECONTACT TO 1887 (3 credits) The course surveys the continuity of and changes in American Indian cultures brought about through social, economic, political and religious policies and practices of European and American societies in what is now known as the United States. Liberal Education Categories 5 & 7

2202 AMERICAN INDIANS: 1887 TO THE PRESENT (3 credits) Course surveys the changes and survivals of American Indian cultures in the social, political, economic, and cultural environment of the United States. Liberal Education Categories 5 & 7

2207 FIRST NATIONS OF CANADA (3 credits) The course surveys the continuity of and changes in Indian cultures brought through social, economic, political, and religious policies and practices of European and Canadian societies from discovery and exploration to the present. Liberal Education Categories 5 & 8 (Might not be offered every year)

2410/VSAR 2410 OJIBWE CRAFTS (2 credits) An introduction to the Ojibwe crafts in relation to their culture. Demonstration, instruction and studio experience in basketmaking, hide tanning, the making of leather goods, beading, jewelry making and quilting.

3210/GEOG 3210 AMERICAN INDIAN LANDS (3 credits) A geographical analysis of Indian lands of the United States including the physical, economic, cultural, and recreational aspects. In addition the course will review aspects of the Federal-Indian relationship including law, treaties, judicial cases, jurisdiction, and current issues related to Indian land tenure. Prerequisites: GEOG 2100 and GEOG 2200. (Might not be offered every year)

3307 HISTORY OF THE OJIBWE (3 credits) The oral and written history of the People from origins to the early 20th century, analyzing the Ojibwe response to changes brought by European and American society. Prerequisite: INST 1107 or INST 2201 or INST 2202.

3317 TRIBAL GOVERNMENT (3 credits) The course offers the student a deeper understanding of traditional, transitional, and contemporary tribal governments based on the experiences of the Chippewa in Minnesota and other tribes. Prerequisite: INST 2201 and INST 2202.

3410/VSAR 3410 ADVANCED OJIBWE CRAFTS (1-4 credits) Advanced study of American Indian craft media techniques and concepts geared to meet the needs of individual students and to help them develop personal direction. May be repeated for a total of 6 credits. Prerequisite: INST/VSAR 2410.

3568/VSAR 3568 SURVEY OF AMERICAN INDIAN ART (3 credits) Survey of American Indian art by culture area, i.e., Northwest Coast, Plains, Sub-Arctic. Includes not only the arts and crafts of each indigenous area, but a brief consideration of the culture producing them. Prerequisite: ANTH 2100 or INST 1107 or VSAR 2552. (Might not be offered every year)

4418 FEDERAL INDIAN LAW (3 credits) The American Indian enjoys and suffers a unique legal status. This course will survey and analyze the federal legal instruments which serve as foundations for the unique situation and rights as well as the obstacles to the exercise of their sovereign rights. Prerequisites: INST 3317 and POL 1200. (Might not be offered every year)

4990 THESIS (3 credits) When taken as Senior Thesis in Indian Studies, the following description applies: The course requires students, in a seminar format, to review course materials from their academic program, to gauge their future academic or vocational goals, and to write a significant paper based on their academic and future interests.

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