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Pre-Professional Programs

Pre-professional programs are specifically designed programs that vary in length from one to four years and prepare students for entrance into professional schools. Bemidji State University offers thirteen pre-professional programs, including those that have been developed in conjunction with the University of Minnesota and other universities.

While some students choose to complete pre-professional programs that require one or two years of study, students preparing for entrance to schools of medicine, dentistry, law, pharmacy, optometry, veterinary medicine, or other fields are advised to earn a baccalaureate degree in an appropriate field of study.

Entrance into professional schools is dependent upon the preparation and academic competence achieved at the pre-professional level. This academic preparation must be planned to meet requirements defined by each professional school. Academic advisors assist students in selecting courses and in understanding entrance criteria. For these reasons, it is particularly important that pre-professional students work closely with their pre-professional advisor. Delay in meeting with the pre-professional advisor could result in delayed entrance in professional school.

Pre-professional programs are demanding; generally, only above-average students can expect to complete the course of study in the amount of time indicated.

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See Section II, Enrollment for required high school preparation.

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