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Science (SCI)

College-Program Codes: 7-12. Check with department for semester when these courses are offered. Read each course description for prerequisites.

1110 PHYSICAL SCIENCE I (4 credits) A single-semester survey of Physical Science, with laboratory. Includes selected topics in physics, chemistry, geology, astronomy, and meteorology. Includes laboratory and computer sessions. Liberal Education Category 3 (LC)

1120 PHYSICAL SCIENCE II (4 credits) Science and Technology in Society (STS). An alternative perspective on Physical Science, using selected topics to discuss societal concerns and responsibilities. Includes laboratory and related computer-based small group sessions. Liberal Education Category 3 (LC)

2100 ASTRONOMY (3 credits) A one-semester survey course, with emphasis on the history of astronomy, the science of stellar and solar system formation, the evolution of stars and galaxies, and modern cosmology and the fate of the universe. Liberal Education Category 3

2200 METEOROLOGY (3 credits) A one-semester survey course, with emphasis on the science of the atmospheric dynamics of weather and climate, precipitation, storms, and forecasting. Liberal Education Category 3

2925 PEOPLE AND THE ENVIRONMENT: SCIENCE PERSPECTIVE (3 credits) The discussions of this section will include the specific relation between air, water, and solid waste pollution and the effect on the environment, including the following: acid rain, smog, global warming, measurement of environmental pollutants, and the role of science in solving pollution problems. Liberal Education Category 10

3100 INTEGRATIVE SCIENCE FOR TEACHERS (4 credits) An interdisciplinary laboratory-based course incorporating the areas of biology, chemistry, earth science, and physics. Focuses on conducting a series of investigations by Science Inquiry and demonstrating the connection between the various disciplines. Prerequisites: 2 courses each in the life sciences and physical sciences.

3450 SCIENCE METHODS FOR GRADES 5-8 (4 credits) Strategies for implementation of the Minnesota Graduation Standards in the areas of Science and Inquiry for grades 5-8. Strategies include laboratory activities, discussions, the development of classroom activities, and the adaptation of these strategies for use in the elementary and high school science classroom. Prerequisite: Senior status or consent of instructor.

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