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Sociology (SOC)

College-Program Codes: 7-18. Check with department for semester when these courses are offered. Read each course description for prerequisites.

1104 INTRODUCTION TO SOCIOLOGY (3 credits) Basic concepts and theories of society. Culture, social institutions, socialization, race relations, social class and gender relations as they relate to an understanding of modern society. Liberal Education Category 5

1105 CONTEMPORARY SOCIAL PROBLEMS (3 credits) Examination of social problems in a global context from a critical perspective, with emphasis on causes, conditions, consequences, and alternative methods of intervention. Liberal Education Categories 8 & 9

1120 MEN, WOMEN, AND SOCIETY: A SOCIOLOGICAL INTERPRETATION (3 credits) Study of the construction of gender in society and the differential consequences of particular social arrangements on the lives of men and women. Examination of male and female sexuality, intimate relationships, spirituality, work, politics, and health. Emphasis on social change and interpretations of masculinity and femininity in American society in the 21st century. Liberal Education Categories 5 & 7

2210 AMERICAN CULTURE: A SOCIOLOGICAL INTERPRETATION (3 credits) This course traces the origins of American cultural patterns and institutions and examines contemporary elements of diversity and social change. Readings explore the mores associated with the American character, focusing on individualism while investigating how public and private life is framed. Unifying themes involve theoretical discussions regarding the degree to which the "decentered" experience of individuals in the United States today raises questions about the meaning of the very term "American culture." Liberal Education Categories 7 & 9

2220 SOCIOLOGY OF MARRIAGE AND FAMILY (3 credits) A study of the various forms of family structure, including variations that occur by social class and ethnic status. Examination of the changing forms of American families throughout history and consideration of the issues and evidence surrounding the debate over the nature of the "family." The topics of gender roles, romantic love, courtship, nonmarital life styles, divorce, remarriage, and stepfamilies will also be examined from the sociological frame of reference. Prerequisite: SOC 1104 or consent of instructor. Liberal Education Category 5

2230 ETHNIC AND MINORITY GROUP RELATIONS (3 credits) Study of dominant-subordinate relations with emphasis on racial, cultural, and sexual domination. Examination of a variety of dominant-group tactics, including the causes and consequences of prejudice and discrimination. Prerequisite: SOC 1105 or consent of instructor. Liberal Education Categories 7 & 9

3000/ANTH 3000 QUALITATIVE RESEARCH METHODS (3 credits) Principles, techniques, and practices in the conduct of field research in natural social settings, focusing on participant observation, unstructured and semi-structured interviewing, use of informants, personal and public documents, content analysis, unobtrusive research techniques, interpreting narrative data, and preparation of a field research report (ethnography). Prerequisite: SOC 1104 or ANTH 1110.

3001 SOCIAL STATISTICS (3 credits) Introduces students to descriptive and inferential statistics. Covers proportions, percentages, rates, ratios, measures of central tendency, measures of variability, t-tests, analysis of variance, correlation, regression, and selected nonparametric statistics. Students learn to choose, calculate, and interpret statistics, and learn to use SPSS to help them analyze and interpret data. Prerequisite: MATH 1170 or consent of instructor.

3002 METHODS OF SOCIAL RESEARCH (3 credits) Examines the basic methods sociologists and other social scientists use to conduct research. Topics include the scientific method, causation, measurement, sampling, ethics, and modes of observation (emphasis on surveys, experiments, and evaluation research). Students gain research experience through developing and testing a hypothesis and writing results in a research report format. Prerequisite: SOC 3001 or consent of instructor.

3010 CONTEMPORARY SOCIOLOGICAL THEORY (3 credits) An overview of selected sociological theories and theorists considered against the background of the classical period of sociological theorizing in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Emphasis on comparative understanding of the major models of society - order, pluralism, conflict, etc. - that have dominated sociological thinking in the modern period. Prerequisites: SOC 1104 or consent of instructor.

3030/SOWK 3030 FAMILY VIOLENCE (3 credits) A study of current theory and research related to the problem of family violence and responses to this problem including: premarital violence, spousal violence, and violence in parent-child relationships and sexual abuse. This course should be of particular value to human services professionals.

3050 ENVIRONMENTAL SOCIOLOGY (3 credits) Examines the relationship between society and the environment. Emphasis on political and economic institutions and the consumer lifestyle and values. Considers how the treadmill of production affects ecosystems and discusses possible solutions to environmental problems. Prerequisites: SOC 1104 or SOC 1105 or consent of instructor.

4010 SOCIAL PSYCHOLOGY (3 credits) The study of social psychology from the sociological viewpoint, especially that of the classic work of George Herbert Mead and of contemporary symbolic interactionists. Emphasis on the emergence of consciousness, meaning, mind, and selfhood from social process, and on the central role of symbolic communication in the behavior of individuals and the dynamics of groups. Prerequisite: SOC 1104 or consent of instructor.

4030 SOCIAL RESEARCH PRACTICUM (3 credits) Designed to help students integrate and apply their knowledge of research methodology and statistical analysis. Covers several more advanced topics in survey research techniques and statistical techniques not included in SOC 3001 and SOC 3002. Students conduct a survey research project and learn how to use the computer in analyzing the data from the study. Prerequisites: SOC 3001 and SOC 3002.

4880 SEMINAR IN SOCIOLOGY (3 credits) This course serves two purposes: 1) to facilitate career discovery and preparation. Students identify their interests/abilities, discover potential careers, examine the job market, create resumes and cover letters, develop interviewing strategies, and explore graduate school options. 2) as a capstone experience. Students choose either to complete a thesis or to take comprehensive exams. Students are encouraged to register for this course as soon as they declare Sociology as their major and remain in the course until they have completed all of the requirements for the Sociology major. Prerequisite: Declaration of Sociology as a major.

4970 INTERNSHIP IN SOCIOLOGY (3-16 credits) Designed to provide the student with work experience in an applied Sociology setting. Activities may involve conducting research, planning, administration, and preparing reports. Graded Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory only. The internship must be arranged at least one quarter prior to registering for it and approved by the Department Chair. Prerequisite: Senior standing and Sociology Major.

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