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Requirements Goals

To increase students' understanding of the growing interdependence of nations and peoples and develop their ability to apply a comparative perspective to cross-cultural social, economic and political experiences.

Critical Thinking

The practice of critical thinking skills associated with possessing a global perspective, including ability to gather and apply factual information, skill at identifying alternative perceptions, recognition and articulation of value assumptions, analysis of connections between facts and assumptions, etc.

Student Competencies

Students will be able to:

  1. describe and analyze political, economic, and cultural aspects of societies in their historical and/or contemporary settings.
  2. analyze specific international problems, illustrating the cultural, economic, and political differences that affect their solution.
  3. understand the role of a world citizen and the responsibility world citizens share for their common global future.
  4. demonstrate knowledge of a culture through non-English language study at the intermediate (second year) level.

Courses that satisfy this category include

ANTH 1110: Cultural Anthropology (3 credits)
ARTH 2551: Art History Survey I (4 credits)
ARTH 2552: Art History Survey II (4 credits)
BUAD 3750*: International Business (3 credits)
CRJS 2221: Comparative Justice (3 credits)
ECON 1500: Historical Development of the Mixed Economy (3 credits)
ENGL 2360: English Literature, to 1800 (3 credits)
ENGL 2365: English Literature, 1800 to Present (3 credits)
ENGL 2370: World Literature, to 1600 (3 credits)
ENGL 2375: World Literature, 1600 to Present (3 credits)
ENGL 2410: Myth (3 credits)
ENVR 2000: Introduction to Environmental Science (3 credits)
GEOG 1400: World Regional Geography (3 credits)
GEOG 2200: Introduction to Human Geography (3 credits)
GEOG 3820*: Geography of Asia (3 credits)
GER 2211: Intermediate German I (3 credits)
GER 2212: Intermediate German II (3 credits)
GER 3311*: Conversation and Composition (3 credits)
GER 3312*: Introduction to the Study of German Culture and Literature (3 credits)
HST 1304: World History I, Prehistory-1500 (3 credits)
HST 1305: World History II, 1500-Present (3 credits)
HST 2500: Canada (3 credits)
HST 2580: Russia (3 credits)
HST 2660: Women and History (3 credits)
HST 3309*: World Religions (3 credits)
HST 3409*: Colonialism and Modernization in the Non-Western World (3 credits)
HST 3419*: China (3 credits)
HUM 1100: Human Culture and Ideas (3 credits)
HUM 2100: European Culture and Civilization (3 credits)
HUM 2130: Non-Western Cultures and Civilization (3 credits)
HUM 2160: Polynesian and Native Hawaiian Culture: Projects for the Hawaii Field Program (1-3 credits)
INST 2207: First Nations of Canada (3 credits)
INTL 1160: Focus on. . . (1 credit)
INTL 2100: Instructed International Tour (1-3 credits)
INTL 2200: International Study Experience: Humanities (1-3 credits)
INTL 2300: Comparative International Study Project (1-3 credits)
INTL 2400: International Study Experience: Social Science (1-3 credits)
MASC 2190: International Communication (3 credits)
MUS 3110*: World Music (2 credits)
OJIB 2211: Intermediate Ojibwe I (4 credits)
OJIB 2212: Intermediate Ojibwe II (4 credits)
OJIB 3311*: Advanced Ojibwe I (4 credits)
OJIB 3312*: Advanced Ojibwe II (4 credits)
PHIL 2250: Human Nature (3 credits)
PHIL 2260: Women and Philosophy (3 credits)
PHIL 2270: Death and Survival (3 credits)
PHIL 2320: Philosophy of Religion (3 credits)
PHIL 3310*: Ancient and Medieval Philosophy (3 credits)
PHIL 3360*: Asian Philosophy (3 credits)
PHIL 3390*: Marxist Philosophy (3 credits)
POL 1300: Introduction to International Relations (3 credits)
POL 1400: Introduction to Comparative Politics (3 credits)
PSY 3210*: Death and Culture (3 credits)
REL 2000: Religion in the Modern World (3 credits)
SOC 1105: Contemporary Social Problems (3 credits)
SOWK 2110: Intercultural Communication (3 credits)
SPAN 2211: Intermediate Spanish I (3 credits)
SPAN 2212: Intermediate Spanish II (3 credits)
SPAN 3311*: Composition and Conversation (3 credits)
SPAN 3312*: Advanced Readings and Conversation (3 credits)
All-University course numbers 1956 and 2956 are available to any department for use as study-travel courses and will satisfy this category.

*This course will satisfy Liberal Education at BSU, but does not qualify for inclusion in the Minnesota Transfer Curriculum as currently interpreted by MnSCU, and may not be accepted as a Liberal Education course at other MnSCU institutions or the University of Minnesota.

Liberal Education Program
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