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Section V

Student Life

The primary goal of a university is education. At first glance, this means classroom and book learning. Students, after all, are on campus to attend classes, to work in libraries and laboratories, to study, and to earn degrees. But another kind of learning takes place at the same time: it is the education of the private person.

As we expand our intellectual knowledge, we also come to know ourselves better in relation to our family, friends, and society. Bemidji State University encourages this personal growth. It offers programs and services to help students as they learn to exercise their rights and responsibilities as individuals.

Academic experiences nurture the growth of ideas. Social and other campus activities nurture the growth of self-esteem, self-reliance, and personal integrity. Students who participate in campus life learn effective emotional expression. They also learn leadership, social, and political skills. These will be important to them in their personal life, their careers, and in their roles as citizens in a democratic society.


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