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Graduate study at Bemidji State University offers students the opportunity to achieve an advanced state of knowledge based on the philosophy, history, theory, and methodology of a discipline or field of study. The ability to conduct research, to evaluate and apply the research of others, and to present, orally and in writing, the results of study and research to other scholars and to the community at large are among the professional skills obtained through such study.

Degree and Non-Degree Study

Graduate courses may be applied to graduate degrees and special programs such as licensures, or may be taken for professional and personal enhancement. Requirements and restrictions may apply (See "General Requirements" and "Non-Degree Study" below.)

Graduate Faculty

Members of the graduate faculty must hold an appropriate terminal degree from a regionally accredited or approved international college or university. Associate graduate faculty must hold a minimum of a master's degree in an appropriate area earned at a regionally accredited U.S. or approved international college or university and have a minimum of three years experience with post-secondary instruction.

Members of the graduate faculty are responsible for teaching graduate-level courses, advising graduate students, chairing students' advisory committees, and representing the graduate program on oral examination committees, and may serve on the Graduate Studies Committee. Specific criteria for appointment and reappointment to graduate faculty or associate graduate faculty status are available at the School of Graduate Studies. Membership on the graduate faculty requires nomination by the department and approval of the college dean, the School of Graduate Studies dean, and the Provost/Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs.

The Graduate Studies Committee

The Graduate Studies Committee is composed of graduate faculty. The Committee normally consists of five members elected by the faculty. The Dean of the School of Graduate Studies is invited to participate as an ex-officio member. The Committee considers curriculum requests, program proposals, and advises the Graduate Studies dean in formulating and discharging administrative responsibilities.

The Dean of the School of Graduate Studies

The Dean is the principal administrative officer of the graduate program. The Dean's responsibilities include participating as an ex-officio member of the Graduate Studies Committee, interpreting graduate policies and guidelines, serving as an ex-officio member on departmental graduate committees, carrying out assignments for the Provost/Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs, and working with the faculty and academic deans on matters pertaining to graduate education.

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