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Section III

Graduate Assistantships

APPLICATION FOR A GRADUATE ASSISTANTSHIP - Applicants must apply directly to the department or program chair for a graduate assistantship. Application materials must include a cover letter clearly indicating the applicant's intentions, a current resume, recommendation letters, and unofficial transcripts. All graduate assistantship contracts are subject to the approval of the School of Graduate Studies. All applicants for a graduate assistantship are required to have been admitted to a master's degree program.

RESIDENT TUITION STATUS FOR GRADUATE ASSISTANTS - Graduate assistants working seven and one-half (7 1/2) hours per week or more are eligible for in-state resident tuition status. Graduate assistantships meeting the appropriate requirements will be awarded in-state resident tuition status.

GRADUATE ASSISTANT STIPENDS - The stipend for full-time graduate assistants (six [6] credits per semester) is $8,000 for the academic year (two [2] semesters). Full-time graduate assistants whose funding is provided by the University receive a tuition waiver of six (6) graduate semester credits each for fall semester and spring semester; a total of 12 graduate credits is available per academic year. Half-time graduate assistants receive a total tuition waiver of six (6) graduate semester credits over the entire academic year (3 for fall, 3 for spring). The tuition waiver applies to graduate course work only and may not be carried over from one academic year to the next. Graduate assistants are required to pay tuition for all semester credits beyond the tuition waiver and are responsible for the payment of all student fees. The approximate total full-time graduate assistant stipend, including tuition waiver, is in excess of $10,000. The stipend and tuition waiver will be adjusted for part-time positions. Please note: Some departments may offer additional stipends and tuition waivers based on non-University funding. Contact individual departments for more information.

APPOINTMENT REQUIREMENTS - The maximum number of clock hours a full-time graduate assistant may work per week is fourteen (14). The minimum number of clock hours a full-time graduate assistant may work per week is seven and one-half (7 1/2).

COURSE LOAD -The minimum course load to be carried by a full-time graduate assistant is six (6) graduate credits. Additional credits taken in any given semester may NOT be carried forward to satisfy minimum requirements in other semesters, except for a graduate assistant who has completed all course work but has not completed the research project or thesis. In all such cases, however, the department chair or program director is required to provide the School of Graduate Studies with the intended period of time that an assistantship is to be retained. Approval of all such assistantships is subject to approval by the Dean of the School of Graduate Studies.

ACADEMIC REQUIREMENTS - A minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.00 ("B") must be achieved in all course work attempted. Graduate assistants are not permitted to carry forward more than three (3) semester credits of incomplete ("I") or in progress ("IP") grade designations from a prior semester or summer. Any failure to satisfy either requirement constitutes sufficient cause for the immediate termination of the graduate assistant's contract.

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