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Section IV

Grades and Grading

Grading System

A* - Excellent (4 quality points)
B* - Good (3 quality points)
C* - Fair (2 quality points)
D* - Poor (1 quality points)
F* - Failure (0 quality points)
I - Incomplete
IP - In Progress
Z - No Grade Reported by the Instructor
P - Passing (see Pass/No Credit Option)
NC - No Credit (see Pass/No Credit Option)
S - Satisfactory
U - Unsatisfactory
AU - Audit
W - Withdrawal

*These are the only grades considered by this catalog to be "letter grades." A letter grade of "C" or better is passing in graduate course work. A minimum grade point average of at least a 3.00 ("B") is required for graduation.


A student who is performing satisfactory work may, with the instructor's prior approval, be awarded an "I" (Incomplete) if circumstances beyond the student's control prevent completion of the course within the registered period. All courses for which the student is granted an "I" must be completed by the last class day of the following semester of enrollment. Incomplete grades granted during the spring semester or summer term must be completed by the final class day of the following fall semester. Failure to complete an incomplete course by the specified deadline will result in the awarding of an administrative "F" for that course.

In Progress

For some independent study projects (e.g., thesis, research paper) and certain special courses, completion of the course within one semester or summer may not normally be anticipated. In such instances, the student may be granted a grade of "IP" (In Progress) for that course. When the course is completed, the instructor will grant the appropriate grade. All "I" (Incomplete) and "IP" (In Progress) grades must be removed before a master's degree will be conferred.

Pass/No Credit Option

The Pass/No Credit option is generally not available to graduate students. Exceptions to this proscription are:

1. Those courses used to satisfy general elective requirements (e.g., workshops).

2. Admission deficiencies for which the student has prior, specific, written approval to take on a P/NC basis. The department chair or approved graduate advisor may grant such approval, which must then be on file in the School of Graduate Studies prior to registration.

3. Any undergraduate non-deficiency course.

Academic credit is not granted in those instances where a grade of "NC" (no credit) has been awarded. A graduate student does not have the option of receiving a letter grade for a course completed on a P/NC or S/U basis.

Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory Grades

Some courses, such as student teaching, internships, and some workshops, are offered only with the "S" or "U" grade designations. Letter grades are not available for these courses.

Audit Option

Students who desire to take a course without credit and without regard for the usual prerequisites may enroll as "audit." These students must notify the instructor that they are auditing. Auditing students must pay the regular fees required of other students, but they are not permitted to take examinations. Audited courses cannot be counted toward graduation requirements or as part of the student's course. Grades are recorded only as "AU" - audit.


Given to students who withdraw prior to the twenty-fifth class day preceding final examinations from a class for which they are financially responsible. No one may withdraw from class after that time.

Grade Point Average (GPA)

1. The grade point average is computed by dividing the number of quality points earned by the number of semester credits attempted for which grades of A, B, C, D, or F were awarded. Quality points for each course are calculated by multiplying the number of semester credits by the points awarded for the grade earned.

For example, a student who received one A, two B's, and one C, each grade from a three-semester credit course, would have the following GPA:

A x 3 semester credits = 4 x 3 =

12 quality points

B x 3 semester credits = 3 x 3 =

9 quality points

B x 3 semester credits = 3 x 3 =

9 quality points

C x 3 semester credits = 2 x 3 =

6 quality points

12 semester credits

36 quality points

36 quality points divided by 12 semester credits = 3.00 GPA

2. Only the most recent grade of a repeated course will be used in computing the GPA. The first grade will be removed from the computation of the GPA once a Repeat Form is submitted to the Records Office.

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