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Section IV


Current Students

Current students register for classes for the upcoming term during preregistration using Web registration. Preregistration dates are available from Records and Advising Services (755-2020).

With the exception of Special Status students, students must consult with their assigned faculty advisor to discuss their course selection.

Returning Students

Students in good academic standing who have been absent from Bemidji State University for a semester or more (up to two years), may pre-register for classes using Web registration. Returning students should contact their previous faculty advisor or the major department chair for advice on course selection and notify Records and Advising Services of their intent to register. Students who have been absent from Bemidji State longer than two years must contact Records and Advising Services first to activate their records prior to registering.


Not all of the courses listed in this catalog are offered every term. To find out which courses are offered, refer to the semester Class Schedule, published by Records and Advising Services, or the Summer Term Bulletin (class schedules are also available on the BSU Web site under "Academics"). The Class Schedule contains courses, times, locations and instructors. Descriptions of the courses are not included in the schedule. They are given at the end of each program listing in this catalog. The descriptions also include course prerequisites.

Tuition is not required at the time of registration. Fee statements are sent after processing by the Cashiers Office.

Immunization Requirements

Minnesota law requires that all students born after 1956 and enrolled in a public or private post-secondary school in Minnesota be immunized against diphtheria, tetanus, measles, mumps, and rubella, allowing for certain exemptions. Students are required to sign a form stating that they have been immunized. This form is available from the Student Health Service (SHS) in Birch Hall (755-2053) and at the Records Office in Deputy Hall (755-2020), and is accessible on the SHS home page <> from where it can be downloaded, then printed and either faxed or mailed to the SHS.

Registration Policies

  1. Registration is not complete until tuition charges and fees incurred at registration have been paid in accordance with University procedures. Preregistered students are requested to comply with the payment deadline specified in the semester Class Schedule.
  2. Late registrants must obtain instructors' approval to register for classes.
  3. A hold will be placed on registration for students who have not paid any tuition charges and fees as of the twentieth instructional day of the semester during the academic year (tenth day of class during summer term).
  4. Students must obtain instructor approval to register for a class after the "last day to add" date published in the semester class schedule.
  5. Grades, transcripts, and diplomas will not be released for students who have outstanding financial obligations at the close of a semester or summer term.

Add, Drop, or Change of Courses

The following guidelines apply unless otherwise noted in the current Class Schedule.

  1. Schedule changes may be made without financial obligation through the fourth class day of the semester.
  2. Students must obtain instructor approval to register for a class after the "last day to add" date published in the semester class schedule.
  3. Students may withdraw (drop) from a course at any time up to twenty-five (25) days before final examinations begin (five [5] days in summer) unless otherwise noted in the current semester class schedule --after this time, no course may be dropped except in special hardship cases. A student wishing to withdraw from a course must follow the proper procedure using the Web registration option. Courses dropped after the fourth day of classes will be assigned a "W" grade.
  4. See "Withdrawal from School" above for withdrawal from all courses.
  5. No refunds for dropped courses will be given after the fourth class day of the semester unless otherwise noted in the current Class Schedule.
  6. No course may be dropped during the last twenty-five (25) instructional days of the semester (last five [5] days of summer) except in special hardship cases.
  7. No student is added or dropped from a course until the proper procedure is followed using the Web registration option.
  8. Withdrawal from classes could affect continued eligibility for financial aid.

Repeating Courses

Apart from those courses whose descriptions state they may be repeated, any course may be repeated once for the purpose of replacing the former grade with a new grade. Any student wishing to do this must file a Repeat Form with the Records Office. Once the form is filed, the new grade, whether higher, the same, or lower, will be substituted for the original grade in computing the grade point average and total semester credits applied toward graduation. However, the original course and its grade will remain on the transcript. Classes originally taken for a letter grade must be repeated for a letter grade.

Prerequisites and Corequisites

A prerequisite is a course that must be taken or an experience that must be acquired prior to registration for the course that lists the prerequisite. Departments may waive prerequisites in specific cases.

A corequisite is a course that must be taken or an experience that must be acquired concurrent with enrollment in the course that lists the corequisite. Departments may waive corequisites in specific cases.

Auditing Courses

Students who desire to take a course without credit and without regard for the usual prerequisites may enroll on an audit basis. These students must notify the instructor that they are auditing. Auditing students must pay the regular fees required of other students, but they are not permitted to take examinations. Audited courses can be neither counted toward graduation requirements nor counted as part of the student's course load. Grades are recorded only as "AU"-audit.

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