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Section II

Advising, Enrollment, and Registration

Advising Success Center

101 Sandord Hall

The Advising Success Center coordinates advisor-advisee assignments and new student advising and registration, and provides recommendations for academic success to students academically at risk. It also serves as an information and referral source for students exploring various majors.

Faculty members serve as academic advisors to students, providing information on policies, procedures, and programs of the University, in addition to assisting with goal setting, degree planning, and course selection. Students with a declared major are assigned to a faculty member in their major department, with the exception of students in the Honors, FYRE (First Year Residential Experience), and/or TRIO/SSS (TRIO/Student Support Services) programs. These students are assigned to a faculty advisor involved with these programs. Students who have not yet decided on a major are assigned to their FYE (First Year Experience) instructor or an advisor serving undecided students for advising until a major is chosen.

Students who do not have an assigned advisor or wish to change advisors may call or visit the Advising Success Center.

Graduate Studies

323 Sattgast Hall

Bemidji State University offers graduate courses, degrees, and licensures. Refer to the Graduate Catalog for details.

International Program Center

103 Deputy Hall

The International Program Center is responsible for international student admission. It also provides orientation for international students and processes immigration documents related to student visas, employment, extension of stays, etc. In addition, the Center offers administrative support for international studies activities, including study abroad, domestic travel study, and exchange programs (see also “International Studies Abroad” in Section VII).

English as a Second Language (ESL)


ESL provides English assessment, placement, and instruction services for international students. (See also "Developmental Electives" in Section VII. )

Liberal Education Requirement

All students pursuing a bachelor's or associate's degree at BSU must complete a minimum of 42 Liberal Education credits. See Section VII for details.


Records Office
101 Deputy Hall

Registration for classes occurs for each semester and for summer term. Registration rules and regulations are fully described in Section IV.

New Students

Information on registration opportunities is sent to new students when they are accepted for admission. New students register for their first semester classes during the student academic advising and registration (AAR) programs. AAR programs are held during the spring and summer prior to fall semester. Advising and registration for fall is also available the day before fall semester for new students entering in the fall. The advising and registration program for students beginning spring semester is held the day before spring semester classes begin. Faculty advisors are available during the AAR and the advising and registration programs to assist students with course selection. Degree-seeking students are assigned a faculty advisor once they are registered for courses.

Current Students

Current students register for classes for the upcoming term during preregistration using Web registration. Preregistration dates are available from the Records Office (755-2020).

With the exception of Special Status students, students must consult with their assigned faculty advisor to discuss their course selection. Students who do not have an advisor may call the Advising Success Center (755-4226) for information on their advisor assignment. The advisors will provide students with their Registration Access Code, which allows students access to Web registration to complete their course registration. Complete instructions for Web registration are contained in each semester class schedule and the summer term bulletin.

Prior to preregistration, faculty advisors receive registration materials for their assigned advisees. These materials, which include the students' degree audit report and academic information, assist the students and advisors in planning course registration and degree completion.

Returning Students

Students in good academic standing who have been absent from Bemidji State University for a semester or more (up to two years), may preregister for classes using Web registration. Returning students should contact their previous faculty advisor or the major department chair for advice on course selection. Students who do not have an advisor may call the Advising Success Center (755-4226) for information on their advisor assignment. Students may contact the Records Office (755-2020) to determine eligibility to return to the university if they are unsure of their academic status.


Not all of the courses listed in this catalog are offered every term. To find out which courses are offered, refer to the semester class schedule published by the Records Office or to the summer term bulletin (class schedules are also accessible on the BSU Web site under Academics). The class schedule contains courses, times, locations, and instructors. Descriptions of the courses are not included in the schedule. They are given at the end of each program listing in this catalog. The descriptions also include course prerequisites.

Fee statements are not mailed out by the Cashier's Office. It is the student's responsibility to access their bill online (go to the BSU homepage <> under myBSU, then MNSCU E-Services) and make arrangements accordingly to prevent being dropped for non-payment. For information on tuition and fee due dates, please see "Payment of Tuition" in Section III.

Assessment for College Readiness

New students may be required to participate in assessment for college readiness. The results are used to determine at what level a student will enter a required course sequence. Assessment for college readiness is administered in association with preregistration and registration programs.

For information on testing for credit see "Academic Credit" in Section IV.

Student Responsibilities

Students are expected to be familiar with the Student Code of Conduct and the Student Conduct System as presented in the Student Handbook. The rights and responsibilities of students and the expectations of the University are described in the guide, along with grievance and other procedures. Behavior that is threatening to the safety or welfare of one's self or others, or that is harassing or discriminatory in nature, will be reviewed promptly by the University, and appropriate action will be taken. The Student Code of Conduct does not replace or reduce the requirements of civil or criminal laws. The Student Handbook is accessible at <>.

Students are also expected to be familiar with academic policies and procedures as described in this catalog.

Immunization Requirements

Minnesota law requires that all students born after 1956 and enrolled in a public or private post-secondary school in Minnesota be immunized against diphtheria, tetanus, measles, mumps, and rubella, allowing for certain exemptions. Students are required to sign a form stating that they have been immunized. This form is included in the "accepted student packet," is available from the Student Center for Health and Counseling in Birch Hall (755-2053), and is accessible at <> from where it can be downloaded, then printed and either faxed or mailed to the SHS.

Responsible Men, Responsible Women Requirement

The University is committed to the prevention of sexual violence and sexual harassment and to fostering a safer, more civil campus environment. A two-hour orientation of all new entering students introduces the "Responsible Men, Responsible Women" (RMRW) program. Topics of discussion include campus sexual violence/harassment policies and procedures; issues of civility; student rights and responsibilities; and campus resources.

New entering students registering for six or more credits are required to attend an RMRW orientation session as a condition of their enrollment. Information on date, time, and location of sessions are in student registration materials.

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