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Section VI

Summer Term

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The summer programs at Bemidji State University provide many and varied opportunities for study, recreation, and personal enrichment. A wide range of courses are offered, and suitable programs are available for a variety of groups, including undergraduates wishing to complete their degrees in less than four years; senior citizens desiring additional knowledge and wanting to enroll in the academic courses or the Elderhostel program; teaching professionals working on licensure renewal or on post-baccalaureate certification or degree programs; high school seniors enrolling in courses not offered in their curricula; and high school graduates wanting to begin immediately in university study. Offerings are available in a variety of formats, including workshops, institutes, clinics, and block courses taught on campus. In addition, summer term includes online courses, interactive television (ITV) courses, and guided/self-directed study courses for those unable to spend time in Bemidji.

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