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Section IV

Academic Policies

Academic Year

Bemidji State University functions on an academic semester system consisting of fall and spring semesters of approximately sixteen (16) weeks each, and a summer term. Semester credits earned during summer term may be applied toward the fulfillment of degree requirements.

Academic Integrity

Bemidji State University fosters the highest standards of academic integrity and the highest regard for truth and honesty. The attempt by students to present as their own any work not actually performed by them; collusion, fabrication, and cheating on examinations, papers, and other course-related work; stealing, duplicating, or selling examinations; substituting for others in class discussions or examinations; producing other student's papers or projects; knowingly furnishing false or misleading academic information to University officials or on official University records; and altering such information on official University records are considered violations of academic integrity and destructive to the central mission of the University. Students who violate academic integrity shall, after due process, be subject to University sanctions that may include failure on assignments and examinations and in courses, and suspension or expulsion. Established academic integrity policies, procedures, and sanctions are contained in the Student Handbook and should be communicated as widely as feasible in classes. Students should contact the graduate dean regarding academic grievance procedures.

Institutes, Workshops, and Tours

Graduate credit for institutes and workshops (but not tours) may be recognized toward the completion of degree or certification requirements. A maximum of five (5) semester credits, or the equivalent of formal workshop courses in which a letter grade was earned, may be included in a degree program. Workshop course work may not be used singularly or in combination to satisfy a required core course or 6000-level course. Academic credit for tours will be awarded only when the tour is conducted by an academic department/program at Bemidji State University, a member of the graduate faculty participates in the evaluation of the student's performance, and the course(s) are approved by the Graduate Council.

Transfer Credits

The maximum number of graduate semester credits and courses that may be accepted in transfer is ten (10) semester credits or the equivalent. All course work to be considered as transfer courses in which a pass or superior grade was received will be recorded as elective credit only. To be included in a degree program, transferred course work must have been completed within seven (7) years before the awarding of the BSU master's degree. Transferred courses will apply for credit only; grades of transferred courses will not be included in the computation of the Bemidji State University grade point average. Transfer credit is accepted only from colleges and universities that are regionally or professionally accredited and from approved international universities that offer a master's degree program. All course work to be considered as transfer courses or substitutions must have the approval of the advisor, program director and/or department chair, and the Dean of the School of Graduate Studies.

Full Time Student Status

The graduate student course load is defined as follows:

Full time - at least nine (9) credits per semester.

Three-quarter time - at least seven (7) credits per semester.

Half time - at least five (5) credits per semester.

The maximum graduate credit load is sixteen (16) credits per semester. Students wishing to exceed the maximum load must receive approval from the Dean of Graduate Studies.

Change of Degree or Program

A change of degree or program requires approval by petition.

Duplication of Course Work

A course taken at the undergraduate level cannot be retaken for credit at the graduate level. An appropriate course and credit substitution must be made.

Readmission After Dismissal

A graduate who is dismissed based on academic performance or academic irregularities may petition for admission following an absence of two (2) semesters. The petition for readmission requires the approval of the department/program chair and the Dean of Graduate Studies.

Academic Grievances

The grievance procedures for challenging grades and registering complaints about faculty, courses, teaching procedures, and related academic concerns are described fully in the Policies and Procedures section of the Student Handbook. This section also describes administrative procedures for dealing with non-academic complaints such as discrimination and harassment. The Handbook is accessible at <>.

Written Student Complaints

The University maintains a record of written student complaints filed with the offices of the President, the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs, the Vice President for Student Development and Enrollment, and the Vice President for Finance and Administration. Summary information regarding student complaints to these administrative offices is provided to the Higher Learning Commission (North Central Association), upon their request and in compliance with data privacy policy, as a part of the University's periodic accreditation review.

Withdrawal from School

  1. Complete withdrawal from all courses must be finished prior to twenty-five (25) class days preceding final examinations (five [5] in the summer).
  2. Withdrawal from the graduate program is initiated by the student at the School of Graduate Studies.
  3. A "W" grade is assigned when students formally withdraw from a course for which they are financially responsible.
  4. Failure to withdraw officially will result in "F" grades.
  5. For refund information, see the section on Tuition and Fees.
  6. Withdrawal may require repayment of financial aid and/or GI Bill payments and reassessment of eligibility. For return to the University see "Returning Students" in this section.

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