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Graduate Course Offerings
Geology (GEOL)

NOTE: Please see your advisor regarding course sequencing and any expected preparation.

5120/BIOL 5120 SOILS (4 credits) Introduction to principles of soil genesis, classification, physical and chemical properties, and biological significance. Lecture and laboratory.

5211 HYDROGEOLOGY I (3 credits) Factors affecting the occurrence, quality, and usage of groundwater. Hydrologic cycle, aquifers, and confining beds, hydraulic conductivity, groundwater movement, flow to wells, and aquifer tests.

5212 HYDROGEOLOGY II (3 credits) Recharge of aquifers, geophysical methods in hydrogeology, use of computer models in groundwater studies, introduction to methods used in field hydrogeology. Lecture and laboratory. Prerequisite: GEOL 5211.

5400 GLACIAL AND PLEISTOCENE GEOLOGY (3 credits) Modern concepts of glaciology and glacial geology. Interpretation of the phenomena and effects on the landscape. Lecture and laboratory.

5500 TOPICS IN PALEONTOLOGY (3 credits) Introduction to major groups of organisms that are commonly preserved as fossils. Focus of class may vary between offerings; including invertebrate and vertebrate paleontology, introductory micropaleontology, palynology, and pollen analysis. May be repeated as topics change. Lecture and laboratory.

5600 STRATIGRAPHY AND SEDIMENTATION (3 credits) Study of sedimentary rocks. Recognition of the physical and biological factors affecting deposition. Introduction to stratigraphic principles. Lecture and laboratory.

5650 STRUCTURAL GEOLOGY (3 credits) Study of deformation within Earth's crust, including faulted, folded, and fractured rock. Relationship of Earth structures to mountain belts and other plate tectonic features. Lecture and laboratory.

5700 GEOPHYSICAL FIELD METHODS (4 credits) Introduction to geophysical processes, geophysical field methods and geological field interpretations. Interdisciplinary approach to an understanding of the physical environment. Lecture and laboratory.

5730 ADVANCED PLANETOLOGY (4 credits) A thematic examination of the planetary system utilizing surface processes such as cratering, atmospheric, and physical properties. Celestial mechanics, meteorite, and lunar sample identifications are also introduced.

6010 MINNESOTA GEOLOGY (2 credits) An overview of Minnesota’s geology that focuses on interpreting Minnesota’s geologic history. Students learn how understanding the rocks, minerals, and fossils present in Minnesota and surrounding areas allows interpretation of geologic events that have shaped Minnesota and that permits the reconstruction of Minnesota’s ancient landscapes. Includes lecture, laboratory, and field study components.

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