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Sport Studies

Department of Physical Education, Health, and Sport
Physical Education Complex
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Graduate Faculty

Dr. Donna Palivec (Chair;, Dr. B. Christina Kippenhan (Graduate Coordinator;, Mr. Brent Bolte, Dr. Eric Forsyth, Mr. Bertrum Gilling, Dr. Muriel Gilman, Mr. Rich Jahner, Dr. Karl Salscheider, Ms. Sally Sertich, Mr. James Stone, Dr. James White

Degree Offered

Master Of Science - Sport Studies

The Master's Degree in Sport Studies is designed for individuals with an undergraduate degree in physical education, athletic training, sport science, or sport management who wish to explore, in more depth, a variety of sport-related topics. It offers students an opportunity to gain practical experience, discuss current issues and research, and design and implement a thesis project in an area of interest.

This program provides advanced preparation for teachers with a K-12 teaching license, or for those teaching in a community college setting, coaching or administering an athletics program, working in a variety of private sector sport settings, or entering a doctoral program in physical education, sport science, or sport management.

Note: For Developmental/Adapted Physical Education Licensure, see "Professional Education: Licensures."

Preparation Requirements

Undergraduate majors in physical education, athletic training, sport science, and sport management are encouraged to apply. Candidates possessing minors in related fields may be considered.

University Requirements

See Section II, Graduate Study for degree requirements.

Course Work Requirements

I. Required Core

Part A
Note: These courses or suitable substitutions must be taken at graduate level unless the student has completed PHED 3110, PHED 3120, PHED 3190, PHED 4309, or equivalent courses with a B-grade or better. If these requirements have been completed previously, the minimum requirement of 30 semester credits must still be satisfied.
PHED 5110 Motor Learning (2 credits)
PHED 5120 Psychology of Sport (2 credits)
PHED 5190 Athletic Training (2 credits)
PHED 5309 Legal Aspects of Sport (3 credits)

Subtotal 0-9 Credits

Part B
PHED 6109 Sociology of Sport (3 credits)
PHED 6200 Applied Physiology and Nutrition (3 credits)
PHED 6300 Advanced Principles of Coaching and Administration (3 credits)
PHED 6400 Advanced Movement Analysis (3 credits)
PHED 6970 Internship: Practicum in Sport Studies (1 credit)
PSY 5401 Basic Statistics for Research (4 credits)
or SOC 5001 Social Statistics (3 credits)
SOC 5002 Quantitative Research Methods (3 credits)

Subtotal 19-20 Credits

II. Required Electives

Select up to 7 credits of graduate electives with consent of the advisor.
Note: A minimum of 20 credits of the degree needs to be taken within the Department of Physical Education, Health, and Sport; at least half the credits of the degree need to be taken at the 6000 level; AND no more than 3 credits of the total semester credits required for the program can come from internships or practica.

Subtotal 0-7 Credits

III. Required Sport Research

PHED 6990 Thesis (2 credits)
PHED 6991 Thesis Topic (1 credit)
PHED 6992 Thesis Proposal Seminar (1 credit)

Subtotal 4 Credits

Total Semester Credits Required for Degree 30-32 Credits

Computer Application of Statistics: This requirement may be satisfied by successfully completing PSY 5301 Introduction to Statistics and Research, SOC 5001 Social Statistics, or equivalent.

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