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Master of Science – Education (M.S.)

Bemidji State University's Department of Professional Education is committed to high-quality graduate education for P-12 and post-secondary teachers. To achieve this goal, M.S. degree program core (required) courses are designed to meet six program standards adapted from the National Board of Professional Teaching Standards (NBPTS). Seven core courses in the program address the NBPTS as well as additional program standards, which provide a sound foundation for advanced study and research.

The remainder of the program is devoted to advanced study in the graduate student’s discipline, area of interest, or expertise. Thus, the Education M.S. degree promotes the scholarly development of highly qualified and professional educators who directly influence the learning process of all students.

The seven core courses required for the M.S. Education degree are offered on-line year-round, or on-campus during the summer. Consult the BSU course schedule for information about when and where courses are offered.

Please note that international students studying on the BSU campus must complete a face-to-face component for all on-line courses taken. Please contact the director of the International Program Center or the coordinator of On-Line Graduate Education Programs for more information.

The Department of Professional Education advises graduate students to register early to reduce the risk that a course will be canceled due to inadequate enrollment.

Core Courses

All students enrolled in the Education M.S. degree program must complete 20 credits of core coursework.

ED 6100 Educational Research I (3 credits)
ED 6107 Advanced Educational Psychology (3 credits)
ED 6108 The Learning Community (3 credits)
ED 6117 Critical and Creative Thinking (3 credits)
ED 6334 Curriculum and Instruction (3 credits)
ED 6336 Instructional Design (3 credits)
ED 6750 Educational Research II (2 credits)

Subtotal 20 Credits

Elective Courses

Graduate students have three options for their 13 credits of elective courses:

Subtotal 13 Credits

Research Courses

Students completing the Education M.S. degree must complete one of two options:

ED 6980 Research Paper (2 credits)
or ED 6990 Thesis (4 credits)

Subtotal 2-4 Credits

Total Semester Credits Required for Degree 35-37 Credits

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