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All-University Course Descriptions

1910, 2910, 3910, 4910, 5910, 6910 DIRECTED INDEPENDENT STUDY
Arranged individual study.
1920, 2920, 3920, 4920, 5920, 6920 DIRECTED GROUP STUDY
Arranged group study.
1930, 2930, 3930, 4930, 5930, 6930 EXPERIMENTAL COURSE
A course proposed for inclusion in the University curriculum. May not be offered more than two times as an experimental course.
1940, 2940, 3940, 4940, 5940, 6940 IN-SERVICE COURSE
A course for practitioners seeking additional training or expertise in their current vocation or profession. The in-service format typically includes an educational experience in which a University faculty member and a group of students concentrate on working toward the resolution of a specific problem.
1950, 2950, 3950, 4950, 5950, 6950 WORKSHOP, INSTITUTE, TOUR
An intense, credit-granting academic experience of short duration (usually from two days to two weeks) that is not listed in the current University curriculum. Provides for the practical application of theoretical learning within a group setting, and may include the development of methods and skills, and the discussion of ideas and principles.
1960, 2960, 3960, 4960, 5960, 6960 SPECIAL PURPOSE INSTRUCTION
A course intended for specific groups or organizations outside the University community.
1970, 2970, 3970, 4970, 5970, 6970 INTERNSHIP
Graded Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory only. Student internships may be either on a full-time or part-time basis in a public or private agency appropriate to the degree objective. Internships consist of closely supervised periods of service which are arranged in advance of the course registration. Students should consult their advisor concerning prerequisites
1980, 2980, 3980, 4980, 5980, 6980 RESEARCH
Research carried out by the student that is based on appropriate methodology and scholarship.
1990, 2990, 3990, 4990, 5990, 6990 THESIS
A thesis, written by the student, that reports extensive original research carried out by the student, and demonstrates appropriate methodology and scholarship.

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