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Anthropology (ANTH)

Check with coordinator for semester when these courses are offered. Read each course description for prerequisites.

1100 BECOMING HUMAN - TRACING OUR ORIGINS (3 credits) Humans as biological and cultural organisms. The physical origin of humans and the primates; the interplay of biological and cultural factors in our evolution; physical variations among modern human populations. Liberal Education Goal Area 5

1110 CULTURAL ANTHROPOLOGY (3 credits) Comparative study of a variety of modern human groups serves to illustrate the methodology of Cultural Anthropology. Analyses of technologies, family forms, social organizations, religions, and cultural change. Liberal Education Goal Area 8

2100 NATIVE NORTH AMERICANS (3 credits) Examination of the variety of native North American cultures (north of Mexico). Survey of linguistic and archaeological background; emphasis on social and ecological adjustments. Liberal Education Goal Areas 5 & 7

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