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Business Administration (BUAD)

Check with department for semester when these courses are offered. Read each course description for prerequisites.

1100 INTRODUCTION TO BUSINESS (3 credits) Course provides an overview of the world of business. Included is an introduction to basic business terminology, concepts, and functions featuring an analysis of marketing, finance, production, personnel management, accounting, and economics as they relate to business meeting its social responsibility of resource allocation. Not open to Business Administration juniors or seniors.

1180 BUSINESS COMPUTING (3 credits) An introductory course in business computing with emphasis placed on business information systems, including transaction processing, management information, decision support, and expert systems and how these systems are utilized by the various levels of business management. Computer software and hardware is discussed in the context of their role in implementing different types of information systems. Emphasis is placed on end-user computing and productivity software such as spreadsheets, database management, and word processing as tools of business end-users.

2100 CAREER AND INTERNSHIP DEVELOPMENT (1 credit) Focus on career and internship development, and enhancement of job seeking skills. Emphasizes resume and cover letter writing, the art of interviewing, negotiating salaries, dressing for success, dining etiquette, and the overall transition from student to professional. Open to all majors seeking internships and applying for full-time employment or graduate/professional school. Prerequisite: Junior or senior status; sophomore status with consent of instructor.

2220 LAW AND BUSINESS (3 credits) An introduction to business and the law. Considers the general nature of law, the legal system, alternative dispute resolution, constitutional law, business ethics, torts, contracts, product liability, employment law, business organizations, consumer protection, and the rights and responsibilities of individuals and businesses in our society.

2231 BUSINESS STATISTICS I (3 credits) Collection, presentation, analysis, and interpretation of business and economic data.

2280 COMPUTER BUSINESS APPLICATIONS (3 credits) Students develop applications employing decision support systems (DSS) technology to enable decision-making, planning, and auditing, utilizing client (MS-Office) software with emphasis on spreadsheets, graphic presentation software, and word processing, and database management systems.

2381 STRUCTURED APPLICATION DEVELOPMENT (3 credits) Develop highly structured business application computer programs to solve managerial and organizational problems using a common business application language. Topics include file processing, conditionals, arithmetic computing, data manipulation, reporting, and control break processing. Projects are PC, minicomputer, and mainframe computer compatible. Prerequisites: BUAD 2280 or equivalent.

2750 INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS (3 credits) Survey of the various dimensions of the international business world. Course content includes national policies affecting trade and investment, international management, international finance, international marketing, international accounting practices, and international law.

2925 PEOPLE AND THE ENVIRONMENT: THE BUSINESS PERSPECTIVE (3 credits) A survey of environmental issues in relation to business and commerce. Considers the rights and obligations of individuals and businesses in participating in decision-making regarding environmental concerns. Encompasses views on what makes environmentally responsible business. The course does not satisfy any Business Administration major or minor degree requirements. Liberal Education Goal Area 10

3223 OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT (3 credits) Study of the operations function in both manufacturing and service organizations in terms of operations planning and control, inventory management, quality control, and job design. Prerequisites: ACCT 1102, BUAD 2231, and ECON 2100, or consent of instructor and junior standing.

3232 BUSINESS STATISTICS II (3 credits) Application of concepts for data analysis with emphasis on regression and correlation, time series, analysis of variance, and business forecasting. Prerequisite: BUAD 2231 or consent of instructor.

3281 DECISION SUPPORT SYSTEMS (3 credits) Design and development of decision support systems with emphasis on management science techniques using a linear programming tool implemented in Excel. Design, documentation, and auditing standards are defined and applied to models and spreadsheet database applications. Prerequisites: ACCT 1102 and BUAD 2280.

3283 E-COMMERCE WEB DEVELOPMENT (3 credits) Web development techniques directed at utilizing industry-current programming technologies, including Access, SQL, XML, Visual Basic .NET, C#, ASP.Net, Java, and ColdFusion. Emphasizes Web page design, development, and E-Commerce processing. Prerequisites: BUAD 2280 and any computer programming course.

3321 BUSINESS LAW I (3 credits) A study of the principles of law in the American legal system. Topics include contracts, sales, secured transactions, agency law, and employment law.

3322 BUSINESS LAW II (3 credits) A study of negotiable instruments, bank deposits and collection, bankruptcy, suretyship, partnerships, corporations, federal securities law, accountant's legal liability, property, insurance, trust, and estates. Prerequisite: BUAD 3321.

3351 MANAGEMENT (3 credits) An introductory course emphasizing the principal functional areas of management: planning, organizing, staffing, directing, and controlling. Prerequisites: ACCT 1102, ECON 2100, and BUAD 2231; or consent of instructor and junior standing.

3361 MARKETING (3 credits) Procedures and institutions involved in the distribution of goods and services, product development and pricing, marketing costs, consumer motivation and buying habits, and government regulation. Prerequisites: ACCT 1102, ECON 2100, and BUAD 2231; or consent of instructor and junior standing.

3381 MANAGEMENT INFORMATION SYSTEMS (3 credits) A decision-making course in management information systems. Focus on the enhancement of competitive advantage by utilizing computer information systems to improve strategic decision-making, improve efficiency, and provide innovative products and services. Emphasis is on information technology's impact on competitive pressures, responses to competitive pressures, and optimal use of the types of information systems by management at the appropriate organizational level. Prerequisites: ACCT 1101, BUAD 2231, BUAD 2280, ECON 2000 or ECON 2100, or consent of instructor and junior standing.

3382 ADVANCED APPLICATION SYSTEM DEVELOPMENT (3 credits) Advanced business systems computer programming with emphasis on the highly structured design techniques used by industry. Interactive concepts are integrated within table processing, file processing, and Web E-Commerce processing using Micro Focus, Net Express, or other similar tool. Projects are PC, minicomputer, and mainframe computer compatible. Prerequisites: BUAD 2381 or consent of instructor.

3383 DATA COMMUNICATIONS (3 credits) An overview of data communications network design issues and strategies critical to the design and implementation of effective distributed computing systems. Topics include data communications hardware and software, communications media, and OSI reference model. Prerequisite: BUAD 3381 or consent of instructor.

3384 SYSTEMS ANALYSIS AND DESIGN (3 credits) Information systems methodologies to solve enterprise-wide managerial and organizational problems. Students will use systems design methodologies to develop information system projects and evaluate cases. Approaches to information system implementation, installation, and maintenance activities are also addressed. Includes structured laboratory exercises using computer-based software engineering tools. Prerequisites: ACCT 1101, BUAD 2280, and BUAD 3381, or consent of instructor and junior standing.

3385 USER ANALYSIS AND INTERFACE DESIGN (WITH C#.NET) (3 credits) This course emphasizes the design of business user interfaces that support efficient completion of business processes and tasks. Business process analysis, user analysis, and work flow analysis provide the context for the design of business applications that incorporate graphical user interfaces. C#.NET is used to implement the business applications on both desktop and web application platforms. Prerequisites: BUAD 2381 and BUAD 3384, or consent of instructor.

3420 LABOR AND EMPLOYMENT RELATIONS (3 credits) Study of labor relations and collective bargaining, employment law practices, and negotiation theories. Students will be required to participate in presentations and simulated negotiation exercises.

3467 ADVERTISING MANAGEMENT (3 credits) Importance of advertising in the marketing function: buying motives, motivation and advertising research, media selection, advertising budgets, advertising agencies, social and economic effects of advertising, problems and testing of advertising effectiveness, and advertising as part of the marketing plan. Prerequisite: BUAD 3361.

3520 BUSINESS ETHICS (3 credits) A survey of business ethics. Examines conflicts and problems which are facing business persons and the increase of consciousness in the business ethics. Concentrates on organizational, market, and governmental regulations of business ethics and their effects on business and its stakeholders.

3530 COMPUTERIZED APPROACH TO STATISTICS (3 credits) A computerized approach to statistics utilizing "canned" programs and the preparation of programs of common statistical formulas. Prerequisites: BUAD 2280 and three semester credits of statistics.

3567 CONSUMER BEHAVIOR (3 credits) An interdisciplinary approach to the study of the buying behaviors of consumers. Emphasizes the marketing implications of theory and findings from the behavioral sciences. Prerequisite: BUAD 3361.

3568 PERSONAL SELLING (3 credits) A study of the principles and psychology of personal selling. Course requires the preparation and presentation of a sales story. Prerequisite: BUAD 3361.

3569 COMPUTER APPLICATION IN PROMOTION MANAGEMENT (3 credits) This course focuses on computerized analysis and presentation packages for the IBM PC and its promotion functions. Prerequisites: BUAD 2280 and BUAD 3361; or consent of instructor and junior standing.

3677 PRINCIPLES OF REAL ESTATE (3 credits) Basic principles of real estate profession: small use, property rights, land utilization, neighborhood growth, appraisal, sales and property management as they relate to the real estate profession.

3678 RISK MANAGEMENT AND INSURANCE (3 credits) Principles for decision making involving risk taking and risk avoidance. An examination of the theory of economic risk with emphasis on insurance as a major tool for dealing with risk.

3751 INTERNATIONAL MARKETING (3 credits) This course provides a global orientation for marketing in today’s complex, rapidly changing international business environment. It focuses on developing an effective global marketing strategy through market segmentation, market targeting, and market positioning in the international business world. Prerequisites: ACCT 1102 and ECON 2100.

3771 FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT (3 credits) An investigation of the financial management of corporate organizations. Basic principles of analysis, planning, and control are considered for determining the best combinations of obtaining and investing capital. Prerequisites: ACCT 1102, ECON 2100, and BUAD 2231, or consent of instructor and junior standing.

3772 ADVANCED FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT (3 credits) An in-depth analysis of financial management in corporations with emphasis on decision making. Working capital management, short-term and long-term financing, mergers, business failures, and reorganizations are considered in depth with an extension of the valuation concepts presented in the basic financial management course. Prerequisite: BUAD 3771.

3773 GLOBAL FINANCE (3 credits) The study of the risks and opportunities faced by multinational firms. Students will consider five factors that distinguish global finance from domestic finance: different currency denominations, legal ramifications, role of governments, and language and cultural differences. The course covers the following global opportunities: product efficiency, broader markets, new raw material sources, new technology, diversification, and retain customers. Prerequisites: ACCT 1101, ACCT 1102, BUAD 2231, BUAD 3771, ECON 2000, and ECON 2100.

3872 INVESTMENTS (3 credits) Analysis of alternatives in the investment environment required to evaluate the potential risk and return associated with an investment decision. Prerequisite: BUAD 3771.

4283 SYSTEMS INTEGRATION AND WEB SERVICES (3 credits) This course explores methods and technologies that support the integration of business application systems to enhance business value. It focuses on integrating systems along the supply chain using XML and Web services. Prerequisites: BUAD 3283 and BUAD 3381, or consent of instructor.

4323 ADVANCED PROBLEMS IN BUSINESS LAW (3 credits) Specialized study of business law areas tested by the Certified Public Accountants examination. Course intended primarily for Certified Public Accountant candidates.

4354 ORGANIZATIONAL BEHAVIOR (3 credits) Focuses on the problems encountered by employees in work relationships with fellow employees, supervisors, and subordinates. Empirical research providing models and tools for diagnosing and managing work situations, individual and group behavior, intergroup conflicts, supervisory problems and organizational change will be studied. Prerequisite: BUAD 3351.

4385 DATA MODELING AND DESIGN (3 credits) The study of database design methodologies, implementation, and administration for centralized and distributed database environments. Students will use database design methodologies to develop database projects. Includes study of Structured Language Query (SQL), security techniques, user interface design, testing, and implementation. Prerequisite: BUAD 3384 or consent of instructor.

4386 APPLIED SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT PROJECT (3 credits) Solve client information system problem using project management and information system methodologies as part of a team. Utilize CASE tools, develop systems documentation, implement system, and present completed project report to colleagues and client. Prerequisites: BUAD 3384 and BUAD 3382.

4387 CORPORATE INFORMATION MANAGEMENT (3 credits) A study of the application of computers to management information systems, computer based or otherwise, in areas where the decision making process is structured of semi-structured. Course covers the following topics: the system approach; behavioral aspects of modern organization; planning, designing, and implementing information systems; the use of information systems for decision making. Prerequisites: BUAD 3351, BUAD 3361, BUAD 3381, and BUAD 3771.

4388 COMPUTER FORENSICS (3 credits) In this course students learn the fundamental principles and concepts in computer forensics. The topics include: the procedure of discovering and preserving evidence, types of computer and Internet crimes, and methods of searching and retrieving evidence using software tools. Related legal procedures, regulations, and laws are also discussed briefly. Prerequisites: BUAD 2381, BUAD 3383, and BUAD 3384.

4456 HUMAN RESOURCES MANAGEMENT (3 credits) Role of human resource management function: management practices, selection and placement, training and development, compensation and benefits, employee and labor relations, health, safety, security, etc. Prerequisite: BUAD 3351.

4458 ENTREPRENEURSHIP (3 credits) Emphasizes the process of starting, financing, and managing a business of your own. Emphasis is on starting financing aspects, because of their uniqueness to small companies. Prerequisites: To be seriously considering starting a business, or to be actively engaged in operating a small business.

4467 MARKETING RESEARCH (3 credits) Fundamentals and techniques involved in gathering, recording, analysis, and presentation of data used in solving problems in marketing management. Requires the preparation and presentation of a research project. Prerequisite: BUAD 3361.

4468 MARKETING MANAGEMENT (3 credits) An integrative seminar focusing on the problems faced by marketing executive in administration of marketing operations including advertising, personal selling, channels, marketing research, and product development. Emphasizes the decisions that evolve around organizational issues and the implementation of strategic decisions. Prerequisites: BUAD 3361 and BUAD 4467.

4469 SMALL BUSINESS CASE ANALYSIS (3 credits) Provides management counseling experience for students and involvement in a business problem solving experience in an actual business environment. Prerequisites: BUAD 3351 and BUAD 3361.

4559 STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT (3 credits) Presents the top management perspective in an organization in terms of formulating and implementing corporate strategy. Written and oral presentations are required. Prerequisites: BUAD 3351, BUAD 3361, BUAD 3381 or ACCT 3110, and BUAD 3771.

4600 SENIOR SEMINAR: BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION (1 credit) Course consists of recommended common professional components (major core courses required for both Accounting and Business Administration majors), and preparation for and completion of assessment exams for all Business Administration majors. Assessment exams measure student knowledge of required basic core courses in accounting, economics, business law, statistics, computer business applications, management, marketing, finance, and strategic management. Test results allow the Business Administration department to compare departmental with national student outcomes and implement subsequent curriculum improvements. This course is required of all Business Administration, B.S. majors. Prerequisite or Corequisite: Completion of the required basic core and senior standing.

4750 INTERNATIONAL MANAGEMENT (3 credits) Introduction to the international perspectives of starting, managing, or working in an organization. This course places students in international environments via case studies focusing on the management of exporting, international licensing, creating international joint ventures, and developing wholly owned global subsidiaries. Prerequisites: BUAD 3351 and ECON 2100.

4779 CORPORATE FINANCIAL POLICIES (3 credits) Analysis of financial concepts as they apply to financial decisions with an in-depth study of the scope and nature of corporate finance. Prerequisite: BUAD 3771.

4910 DIRECTED INDEPENDENT STUDY (3 credits) When taken as "Readings in Business Administration," the following description applies: Research in one of the functional areas of management, finance, marketing, accounting, or real estate. Prerequisite: Major in Business Administration and consent of advisor.

4970 INTERNSHIP (1-12 credits) Students serve in a full- or part-time supervised field position in business administration or computer information systems, in a public or private organization. Students are expected to demonstrate and contribute acquired knowledge and skills to the organization, and be exposed to more than routine, entry-level, or part-time staff business operations. Students should arrange for this class during the semester prior to the internship. Students may register for only one business administration or computer information systems internship during their BSU academic career. Upon completion, students will be required to report on their experience (daily journal and final comprehensive paper). The department recommends that students return to BSU for at least one semester upon internship completion. Graded Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory.

4980 RESEARCH (3 credits) When taken as "Honors Business Project" the following description applies: Offices superior upper division undergraduate students in business administration the opportunity to do in-depth research in topics that are of interest to them, other students in the class, and the instructor(s). Prerequisite: Open to Business Administration majors with a minimum of a 3.00 GPA.

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