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Department of English
Hagg-Sauer Hall 218-755-2880


Dr. Rosalie Weaver (Chair;, Dr. Mark Christensen, Dr. Lauren Cobb, Dr. Brian Donovan, Ms. Maureen Gibbon, Dr. Michael Morgan, Dr. CarolAnn Schlemper, Dr. Susan Scrivner, Dr. Larry Swain

Areas of Study

The English Department offers programs and courses in literature and writing, and courses in speech communication.

English Department Vision
To foster the relevance and urgency of expression in forms such as literature, film, scholarship, creative writing, and rhetoric.

English Department Mission
To foster the ability to appreciate, evaluate, and create the myriad forms of practical and aesthetic communication.

Students intending to major in English, whether in literature, teaching, or writing, should declare their intentions no later than the beginning of their junior year. English majors are encouraged to study an additional language and to participate in a junior year study abroad program such as Eurospring. All University students are introduced to college-level writing through first-year writing and are encouraged to take other English courses.

Note: Transfer students planning to major in English must take a minimum of 11 semester credits of courses from the Bemidji State University English major, including at least two 3000- or 4000-level courses. All requirements for the major must be met. In addition, the Department of English strongly recommends that one writing course beyond the College Writing sequence be taken at Bemidji State.


See Section II, Enrollment for required high school preparation.

Recommended High School Courses

Second Majors and Minors

Students are encouraged to discuss with their advisor the option of a second major or minor that might strengthen or complement their major.

Career Directions

Writer/Editor/Copy Editor for magazines, newspapers, publishers, corporations, industry, institutions, and government agencies

Writer/Editor for commercial and government news media and Web production

Public Information Specialist/Publicist/Communications Specialist for corporations, industry, institutions, and government agencies

Related career positions requiring skills in critical thinking and writing

English teacher in secondary education

Graduate study should also be considered

Credit Requirement

Transfer Students: At least one-third of the credits to be included in the major must be successfully completed at Bemidji State University.

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