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Reading Licensure Program

The coordinator for the Reading Licensure is
Dr. Brian Ludlow

The Reading Licensure program is designed for individuals who hold or qualify for a professional license valid for classroom teaching in prekindergarten, adult basic education, or grades kindergarten through 6, 1 through 6, 5 through 8, or 9 through 12. The candidate who completes this licensure program will be authorized by the Minnesota Board of Teaching to facilitate and provide for grades kindergarten through 12 students reading instruction that is designed to develop reading skills, strategies, and comprehension. The teacher of reading is also authorized to provide assistance to teachers who have responsibility for providing reading instruction. Completion of this licensure program would qualify as a reading cognate area in a Master of Science in Education degree.

Note: All coursework must be taken at the graduate level.

Reading Licensure Courses:

ED 5737 Content Area Reading (3 credits)
ED 6230 Curriculum and Instruction in Developmental Reading in Elementary School (2 credits)
ED 6232 Children’s Literature in the Classroom (2 credits)
ED 6237 Diagnosis and Correction of Reading Difficulties (2 credits)
ED 6238 Administration and Supervision of the Reading Program (2 credits)
ED 6800 Practicum in Diagnosis of Reading Difficulties (2 credits)
ED 6810 Practicum in Correction of Reading Difficulties (2 credits)
ENGL 5540 Literature for Young Adults (3 credits)
Total Semester Credits Required for Reading Licensure 18 Credits

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