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"Tell me and I will forget; show me and I will remember; involve me and I will understand." (Confucius)

Study in another country provides an unequaled learning experience and is a valuable complement to classroom learning. Understanding other cultures helps us understand ourselves and the world in which we live. Appreciating other cultures and other world citizens enhances our personal lives and our professional opportunities.

As an institution, Bemidji State University affirms the educational value of study abroad and wishes to provide the richest possible range of experiences abroad for its students. Among the current opportunities available to students are semester or year-long programs, including exchange programs. Also offered are short-term programs that include semester break study/tour programs and summer study/tour programs, as well as programs such as Eurospring and Sinosummer. BSU also supports students who wish to pursue independent study abroad opportunities at foreign institutions through established and approved programs. Please visit the Study Abroad website for more details.


See Section II, Enrollment for required high school preparation.

Good academic standing
Sophomore status
Cultural adaptability
Good interpersonal skills
Interest in another culture

Career Directions

Study abroad complements many majors, and increases opportunities in careers that require understanding, appreciation, and knowledge of other cultures.


Sinosummer Study Program and Study Tour of China
A unique opportunity for two weeks of study of Chinese history, culture, and society at Liaoning University in Shenyang, People's Republic of China. Complementing the academic program is a study tour of Liaoning Province, Inner Mongolia, and Beijing in northeastern China; Xian in north central China; and Guilin and Guangzhou in southern China. The visit to China concludes with an excursion in the exciting and bustling city of Hong Kong. On the way home across the Pacific, students stop in Hawaii for three days. This is a program for the adventurous student who is culturally adaptable and flexible.

Eurospring: Study in Oxford, England, and a Tour of Europe
Offered during spring semester of each year, this program combines five weeks of study in Oxford, England, with a three-week tour of continental Europe. Study in Oxford focuses each year on a particular period of England and European culture. Offered on a four-year rotational cycle, study begins with the medieval period and progresses through the 19th and early 20th centuries. While at Oxford, students live in Wycliffe Hall, one of the constituent halls of Oxford University. Study in Oxford is followed by a study tour through the Netherlands, France, Switzerland, Italy, Austria, Germany, and the Czech Republic.

Study Program and Study Tour of Malaysia and Thailand
Offered during the semester break between fall and spring semesters, this program’s home base is in Malaysia in Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia. This program is hosted by HELP University College in Kuala Lumpur and offers travel and study of Malaysia and Thailand. In addition to lectures about Malaysian customs, culture, history, economy, geography, agriculture, and environment, HELP Institute provides numerous field trips into the city and the Klang Valley. Rural home stays are arranged as well as a three-day excursion to the Taman Negara Rain Forest. The tour of Bangkok, Thailand, is for two days and includes visits to Wat Phi; the Grand Palace; Wat Phra Keo; and Ayuthahya, the ancient capital; and a long tail boat ride.

Study Program and Study Tour of South Africa
Offered during the semester break between fall and spring semesters, this program itinerary includes traveling from Johannesburg/Pretoria to Cape Town, through the Lowveld and the Garden Route, with visits to Kruger National Park Game Reserve, Robben Island, and Table Mountain. This program is offered in cooperation with the University of the Western Cape in Cape Town, the academic focus including South African politics, ethnic diversity, the environment, agriculture, and economics. December/January is during the South African summer, which is hot and dry, when maximum temperatures can regularly reach 40° C and higher.

Study Program and Study Tour of Australia and New Zealand
Offered during the semester break between fall and spring semesters, this program’s itinerary includes travel across the Australian continent from beautiful Perth on the Indian Ocean to vibrant Sydney on the Pacific. The program has planned stops at some of the most interesting places in Australia and features outdoor activities in several locations, including the spectacular Blue Mountains and Australia’s magnificent wine country. A short stop in Wellington, the charming capital of New Zealand, is also scheduled.

This program is offered in cooperation with the Charles Sturt University in Bathurst, and the academic focus includes Australian history and politics, ethnic diversity, the environment, agriculture, and globalization. December/January is during the Australian summer, which is usually hot and dry with plenty of good weather.


Additional study travel opportunities are often offered by academic departments that are more specific to the major. Recent offerings have included:

Environmental, Earth and Space Studies, Economics, and Sociology --Domestic program offerings:

Hawaii Field Study Program

Northwood’s Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness

Urban Sociology

Geography: Tujijenge Project—Study in Kenya and Tanzania

Mass Communication: International Communication Seminar in Paris

Music: European Performance Tours

Social Work: Social Work in a Latin American Context, Cooperative Studies Program in Cuernavaca, Mexico

Spanish: Language/Culture Programs in Spain and Latin America


Study in Denmark: Aalborg University
Semester or year-long student exchange program.
Students with at least junior year status can enroll for either one or two semesters at Aalborg University in Aalborg, Denmark, in a variety of interdisciplinary programs in the humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, and applied fields. Instruction and course work is in English.

Study in Finland: Tampere Polytechnic University of Applied Sciences
Semester-long student exchange program

Study in Germany: Fachhochschule, Magdeburg
Semester or year-long student exchange program for German language students.

Study in Iceland: University of Iceland
Student and faculty exchange program

Study in Malaysia: HELP University College or INTI College
Semester-long student exchange program

Study in Norway: University of Tromsø
Semester-long studnt exchange program

Study in Sweden: Växjö University
Semester or year-long student exchange program.
Växjö University is a major regional university in southeastern Sweden. It is medium sized and diversified, with about 10,000 students. Students’ knowledge and academic skills are challenged through specialized courses and experiences. All courses are taught in English.

Study in England: Hertfordshire University
Spring semester program.
Students in BSU’s Design Technology/Model Design program have an opportunity to earn 12-14 BSU credits in Industrial Technology at Hertfordshire University, whose program strengths are in visual effects work related to the thriving television and film industry in the UK and Europe.

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