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Professional Education

Department of Professional Education
Education-Art Building 218-755-3734


Dr. Judy Olson, (Chair;, Dr. Siri Anderson, Dr. David Benson, Dr. Barbara Bridges, Dr. Hal Gritzmacher, Dr. Carol Knicker, Dr. Janne Lillestol, Dr. Brian Ludlow, Dr. James Mastro, Dr. Roxanne Pickle, Dr. Carole Reesink, Dr. Kathryn Smith, Dr. Kathleen Sonsteng, Dr. Michael Urban

Curriculum Area Faculty: English, Dr. Mark Christensen; Health, Dr. Karl Salscheider; Mathematics, Dr. Glen Richgels; Music, Dr. Janice Haworth; Physical Education, Ms. Donna Palivec; Science, Dr. John Truedson; Social Studies, Dr. Patrick Donnay; Technological Studies, Dr. James McCracken

Areas of Study

General Entry and Exit Requirements for All Education Majors

The teacher is a reflective professional who nurtures the potential of individuals through a knowledge of child and adolescent development and who addresses the diversity of student needs in a multicultural society. The teacher has the ability to mesh effectively the methodologies, theories, concepts, and principles upon which the art and science of education are built. Working from a pedagogical and academic knowledge base, the teacher integrates these elements into effective teaching to promote growth in cognitive and affective learning. In addition, the teacher, as a life-long learner, keeps abreast of current trends and research while working with colleagues, administrators, other professionals, and parents to enhance the educational process now and in the future. The model that forms the basis for the programs is fully described in the department's Teacher Education Handbook.


See Section II, Enrollment for required high school preparation.

Recommended High School Courses
Human Development
Oral and Written Communication
Computer Use
Recommended Liberal Education Courses
Introductory Psychology
A Speech Course
Ojibwe/American Indian Culture and History
Music Fundamentals (Elementary Education)

Second Majors and Minors

Students are encouraged to discuss with their advisor the option of a second major or minor that might strengthen or complement their major.

Career Directions

Adult Educator
Community Education Coordinator
Curriculum Developer
Education Specialist
Preschool, Elementary, Middle School, Secondary Teacher
Training Manager
Youth Program Director
Also: Graduate Study

Credit Requirement

Transfer Students: At least one-third of the credits to be included in the major must be successfully completed at Bemidji State University.

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