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Women's Studies (WMST)

Check with department for semester when these courses are offered. Read each course description for prerequisites.

2220 WOMEN'S ISSUES (3 credits) An overview of women's studies as an academic discipline, including an examination of the causes and consequences of sexism and gender discrimination. Geared toward developing personal awareness of women's reality in a patriarchal society. Topics include gendered language; stereotypical images; media representations of women; gender violence; and women's roles in relationships, the home, the workplace, and politics. Liberal Education Goal Areas 5 & 7

2600 WOMEN AND DIVERSITY: CROSSING BOUNDARIES OF RACE, CLASS, GENDER AND SEXUALITY (3 credits) An integrated study of the complexity and diversity of historical and contemporary realities of women across culture, race, class, age, ethnicity and sexual identity with an emphasis on the ways these are inextricably intertwined and rooted in the structure of social institutions. Moves from a personal awareness of women's issues toward a social, political, economic, and cross-cultural analysis. Students will examine their own lives and values and those of others regarding privilege, power, prejudice, and discrimination. Prerequisite: WMST 2220 or consent of instructor. Liberal Education Goal Areas 5 & 7

3100 TOPICS IN WOMEN'S STUDIES (SUB-TITLED) (2-3 credits) Diverse topics encompass and international range of women's experiences and women's lives and may include sources from literature, law, history, myth-religion, psychology, sociology, philosophy and theology, and the visual arts. Past topics include: Myths and Spirituality; Mother, Daughter, Self; Writing Women's Lives; Art, Erotica and Pornography in American Culture; Reproductive Freedom; Indigenous Women's Issues. May be taken for credit under different subtitles. (Might not be offered every year)

3190 FEMINIST THEORIES AND PRACTICE (3 credits) A critical examination of the main currents in contemporary feminist thought. Designed to explore systems if ideas which explain the nature and causes of women's condition in society. As a capstone activity, each student will produce an original piece of work, in the student's own discipline, which will focus on a women's issue and will utilize a feminist perspective and feminist theory as a conceptual framework for research and analysis. Prerequisite: WMST 2600. (Might not be offered every year)

3300 OUR BODIES, OURSELVES: THE POLITICS OF WOMEN'S HEALTH (3 credits) An overview of the politics and issues women face within the U.S. health care system, with an emphasis on meeting the needs of women as consumers and providers of health care. Students will document their own health history, become familiar with the health information and resources available for women, understand how to be more proactive and informed in decisions regarding their own health and well being, demonstrate a general awareness and understanding of both common and uncommon health problems of particular concern to women. Topics include gender violence, body image, and self esteem, sexuality, fertility management, child birth, menstruation, and menopause. Class presentation and format includes both conceptual material and experiential activities.

3700 SPECIAL PROJECTS IN WOMEN'S STUDIES (1-2 credits) Students complete a conference, seminar, workshop, or project on a topic related to Women's Studies. Prior approval must be obtained from the Director. A journal, written paper and/or oral presentation is to be presented following the learning experience. The number of credits will correspond to the nature of the experience and the time spent. Graded satisfactory/unsatisfactory only.

4750 PRACTICUM IN WOMEN'S STUDIES (2 credits) Students complete supervised practice in a woman centered setting, such as acting as a student teaching assistant in a Women's Studies class or volunteering at a Women's Center or Shelter. Credit may also be earned for conducting special projects or research on a topic relevant to women. Prior approval must be obtained from the Director. A journal, written paper and/or oral presentation is to be presented following the learning experience. Graded satisfactory/unsatisfactory only.

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