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Department of Biology
Sattgast Hall 218-755-2920

Graduate Faculty

Dr. Elizabeth Rave (Chair;, Dr. Mark Fulton (Graduate Coordinator;, Dr. Don Cloutman, Dr. Debbie Guelda, Dr. Michael Hamann, Dr. Carrie Ketel, Dr. Richard Koch, Dr. Kerry Openshaw

Degree Offered

Master Of Science - Biology

The Master of Science is the highest degree awarded by the Biology Department. It reflects the range and depth of biology sub-disciplines and broadens students' horizons through both course work and original scientific research. The research culminates in an original thesis or completion of an exhaustive work of a scholarly nature. Students must consult with their graduate academic advisor in biology before developing their program.

Preparation Requirements

Undergraduate major in biology.
Minimum 24 undergraduate semester credits in biology.
Minimum GPA of 3.00 in the sciences and mathematics strongly recommended.
GRE general exam required.

University Requirements

See Section IV. Policies and Procedures for degree requirements.

A one-page letter of intent stating research interests and future career goals is required of all applicants.

Course Work Requirements

In completing the M.S. degree in Biology, please note that at least 50 percent of the course credits, outside of Thesis (BIOL 6990) and Graduate Research Paper (BIOL 6980), must be at the 6000 level.

Students may be required by the advisor to take additional courses to offset weaknesses in subject areas.

I. Required Core

BIOL 6010 Advanced Topics in Biology (1 credit)
BIOL 6894 Advanced Graduate Laboratory Projects I (3 credits)
or BIOL 6896 Advanced Graduate Field Projects I (3 credits)
BIOL 6895 Advanced Graduate Laboratory Projects II (3 credits)
or BIOL 6897 Advanced Graduate Field Projects II (3 credits)
BIOL 6920 Directed Group Study (Seminar) (1,1) (2 credits)
SCI 6350 Computer Applications in Statistics (3 credits)

Subtotal 12 Credits

II. Required Electives

  1. Select with the consent of the advisor a minimum of 12 semester credits of graduate level course work in Biology or related field, of which a minimum of 6 semester credits must be in Biology.

Subtotal 12 Credits

III. Required Research

Select one of the following:

A. Thesis Option

BIOL 6990 Thesis (6 credits)

B. Research Paper Option

BIOL 6980 Graduate Research Paper (2 credits)
Select with the consent of the advisor an additional 4 semester credits of graduate-level course work in Biology, with at least 2 credits at the 6000 level. (4 credits)

Subtotal 6 Credits

Total Semester Credits Required for Degree 30 Credits

Competency Requirement

Statistics: A working knowledge of applied statistics. This requirement may be satisfied by successfully completing SCI 6350 Advanced Computer Applications in Statistics.

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