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Sociology (SOC)

5000 QUALITATIVE RESEARCH METHODS (3 credits) Principles, techniques, and practices in the conduct of field research in natural social settings, focusing on participant observation, unstructured and semi-structured interviewing, use of informants, personal and public documents, content analysis, unobtrusive research techniques, interpreting narrative data, and preparation of a field research report (ethnography).

5001 SOCIAL STATISTICS (3 credits) Introduces students to descriptive and inferential statistics and bivariate measures of association. Students learn to choose, calculate, and interpret statistics, and learn to use SPSS to help them analyze and interpret data.

5002 QUANTITATIVE RESEARCH METHODS (3 credits) Examines the basic quantitative methods sociologists and other social scientists use to study diverse social processes and to improve our understanding of social issues. Students gain hands-on experiences developing a quantitative research project and work on various aspects of actual research projects. Prerequisite: SOC 5001 or consent of instructor.

5050 ENVIRONMENTAL SOCIOLOGY (3 credits) Examines the relationship between society and the environment. Emphasis on political and economic institutions and the consumer lifestyle and values. Considers how the treadmill of production affects ecosystems and discusses possible solutions to environmental problems.

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